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Our team at Online-PhD-Degrees.com has researched and developed a list of the best online doctoral degrees in Business Administration that details each school we felt was worthy of our time and yours especially.

“Today’s business world is rapidly changing. Technology now plays a primary role in the multifaceted global marketplace. A Doctorate in Business Administration will prepare business professionals with the most advanced knowledge and practical skills needed for effective leadership in this field that is expected to grow 8% over the next decade and which pays, on average, an impressive $103,000 per year.” (Read more…)

We have many more fields of study in which you may obtain a doctorate degree online!


Our Highlights segment is filled with interesting highlights, tidbits, and fun facts. Want to know about the world’s richest doctorate holders or the common fears and struggles of every Ph.D. student? How about academic conferences or residencies? This section is being added to weekly, so if you don’t find anything that tickles your fancy one week, check back often to see more!

Ever wondered which Ph.D. degrees pay the most? Wonder no more! We’ve got you covered!

Ph.D.’s That Pay: The Highest-Paying Doctoral Degrees in 2018-2019

We’ve looked at over 50 of the most common Ph.D. programs in terms of early career earnings, mid-career earnings, and “maximum” earnings. While there are obviously outliers with Ph.D.’s in many of these fields, “maximum” career earnings were taken by noting the earnings of the top 10% of earners with the degree in question, or the average salary for degree holders with the degree in a single city, whichever is greater. <Read More…>


We’ve answered many of the relevant questions you may ask regarding PhDs/doctorates. Each subject that we rank on our site also includes a set of FAQs related to that degree option on our FAQ page.


We created a valuable page of resources for you to be the best you can be! Of COURSE, you want to be successful… but, maybe, you just don’t know JUST what it is that makes you a true success! We’ve compiled 10 habits to embrace that will put you well on your path to the success that is just waiting for you around the corner!

10 Habits of Successful People

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Today’s biggest innovators share one thing in common: vision. This is the kind of vision that gave us Microsoft, Facebook, the iPhone, and Tesla, to name a few. All world-changing innovations were born out of the idea of one person or a group of individuals with that burning drive to achieve that goal that they share. Calling them ‘lucky’ is a sloppy attempt at giving credit to their accomplishments. (Read More…)