Looking at No-GRE online doctorates in psychology? Gaining admission to an online PhD program in Psychology presents challenges. Like any doctorate, earning a PhD or PsyD in psychology requires great dedication and years of learning and engagement in the subject.

One challenge that prospective PhD or PsyD students often face is the daunting Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), which in itself takes a lot of preparation and can be quite stressful. Thankfully, many excellent online doctorates in psychology do not require the GRE for admission into their program. Below is a list of some of the very best No-GRE online PhD and PsyD programs.



Our profiled list of the best No-GRE online doctorates in Psychology presents ten of the best degrees currently available. To be included in this list, each online doctorate was required to display:

  • Strong institutional credibility
  • Appropriate accreditation
  • Outstanding academic and practicum opportunities
  • A clear vision and presentation of the degree’s core components and requirements
  • No-GRE requirement for admission to the doctorate
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Best No-GRE Online Ph.D. in Psychology Degree Programs


Ph.D. in Media Psychology and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

fielding graduate university

Program Standouts:

Fielding Graduate University offers two excellent No-GRE PhDs in Psychology: Media Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Both PhD programs have been developed in line with the university’s mission to establish greater equity and justice in the wider world through instilling in its graduates a desire for academic excellence, a strong sense of community in all its diversity, and a desire to create civil and economic structures that foster social justice.

The PhD in Media Psychology is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to recognize the role of media in developing communications, organization, and institutional structuring. The PhD in Clinical Psychology offers a number of concentrations that each focus on clinical settings and engagement with personal psychological needs of individuals under the clinician’s care. Both degree programs provide ample opportunity for hands-on experience in the field by working with active practitioners of media and clinical psychology.

Campus Location: Santa Barbara, California

Accreditation: Fielding Graduate University has received accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission

Graduation Rate: 78%

Acceptance Rate: 96%

Admission Requirements:

  • Online application
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Official transcripts
  • CV/Resume
  • Writing sample or critical thinking writing sample
  • Statement of purpose/Reflective essay
  • Letters of recommendation

Media Psychology Concentrations:

  • Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement
  • Positive Psychology and Media
  • Social Impact of Mobile Media and Immersive Technology

Clinical Psychology Concentrations:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Social Justice and Diversity

Degree Outcomes:

Graduates from Fielding Graduate University’s PhD programs in psychology will possess doctoral-level knowledge in the science and theory of psychology. They will be able to engage in critical and creative thinking in the field. Graduates will be able to analyze and improve upon elements of current research and practice. Graduates will have a high level of knowledge in applying theory to practice as well as necessary field competencies.




PhD in Psychology-Industrial/Organizational

liberty university the graduate school

Program Standouts:

Liberty University’s online PhD in Psychology-Industrial/Organizational offers an excellent option for college graduates interested in human behavior in organizational and workplace settings. This doctoral degree has no GRE requirement, allowing previous academic success to be the primary determinant in gaining acceptance to the program.

This online doctoral degree in psychology will equip psychology professionals to understand and develop sound, Christian-based, principles of behavior for individuals, groups, and different organizational contexts. This doctoral program offers manageable courses of eight weeks. (This degree program is fully ready to go live, and is only waiting for approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.)

Campus Location: Lynchburg, Virginia

Accreditation: Liberty University has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Graduation Rate: 79%

Acceptance Rate: 50%

Admission Requirements:

  • Application
  • Regionally or nationally accredited master’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • 12 credit hours in psychology at the undergraduate and/or graduate level
  • Contact information for two recommenders
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official college transcripts

Program Core Components:

  • The Study of Human Behavior in Various Settings
  • The Discovery and Application of Solutions in Workplace Contexts
  • The Application of a Christian Outlook on the Field of Psychology

Degree Outcomes:

Graduates from this online doctoral program in psychology will be prepared for professional careers in a number of fields related to workplace psychology. These include Independent Consultation; College Instructor; Organizational Mentoring/Consulting; Research and Writing.




PsyD in Human & Organizational Psychology Online Degree Program

touro university worldwide logo

Program Standouts:

Touro University Worldwide’s online doctorate in psychology (PsyD) requires no GRE exam for admission and boasts an accelerated application process coupled with very affordable tuition rates. This doctoral degree program builds upon early coursework in theory, and through personal research and opportunities for practical experience in the field, the program culminates in a dissertation.

Throughout the program, an emphasis is placed upon getting graduates ready for making serious contributions to real-life situations and questions in the many areas of Human and Organizational Psychology.

Campus Location: Los Alamitos, California

Accreditation: Touro University Worldwide has received accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission

Graduation Rate: 33%

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Admission Requirements:

  • Master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum 3.4 GPA in a master’s program
  • Application
  • Official transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Doctoral entrance essay

Sample Courses of the Degree:

  • Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • Applied Media Psychology
  • Applications of the Scholar-Practitioner Model

Degree Outcomes:

Graduates from this degree program are proficient scholar-practitioners able to use and apply evidence-based solutions. They are prepared to choose and apply appropriate theories and develop stringent research programs. Graduates are able to integrate local evidence with general evidentiary conclusions.




Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

california southern university

Program Standouts:

California Southern University without required the GRE provides an excellent online doctorate in psychology (PsyD). This degree program is practice-focused, designed for real-life clinical work. Combining affordable tuition and accessibility, students engage in a degree program strongly rooted in counseling.

This degree program will prepare students for needed licensures so that they can move directly from their online doctoral studies to clinical practice. Instead of a dissertation, this program culminates in a doctoral project that focuses on each student’s primary interests and career goals.

Campus Location: Costa Mesa, California

Accreditation: California Southern University has received accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission

Graduation Rate: 92%

Acceptance Rate: 13%

Admission Requirements:

  • Application
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Master’s degree in psychology or related field from an accredited institution
  • Official transcripts
  • Personal statement

Examples of Degree Courses:

  • Advanced Theories of Personality
  • Ethical and Professional Issues
  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Psychological Assessment

Degree Outcomes:

This degree program integrates a number of desired outcomes. Critical thinking and communication, undergirded by social and cultural knowledge, are key indicators of success in this program. Science-based quantitative psychological assessment skills that are open to a developmental application in clinical settings characterize graduates from this doctoral program.




Online PhD in Psychology and PhD in Clinical Psychology

saybrook university

Program Standouts:

Saybrook University offers two outstanding options for online learners aspiring to a doctoral degree in the field of psychology. Neither degree requires the GRE, and both degrees provide an excellent and affordable PhD. The PhD in Psychology is designed for those not necessarily seeking licensure or employment in clinical psychology.

The PhD in Clinical Psychology prepares students for licensure and professional practice in psychological therapy.

Campus Location: Oakland, California

Accreditation: Saybrook University has received accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission

Graduation Rate: 70%

Acceptance Rate: N/A

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from accredited institution/s
  • Application
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal Statement
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Official transcripts of undergraduate and graduate work
  • Faculty interview

Program Core Components:

  • Foundations and Critique of Contemporary Psychology
  • Ethics, Spirit, and Health Care
  • Psychology of Consciousness
  • Dimensions of Creativity

Degree Outcomes:

Both online doctoral degree programs prepare graduates with needed theoretical and practical bases for contributing either as researchers and academicians or therapists. Graduates of this program will possess deep self-knowledge as well that is integrated into a profound awareness of various diversities in human life, experience, and psychological makeup that necessary for effective advancement of psychological knowledge and health.




PhD in Psychology

grand canyon university

Program Standouts:

Grand Canyon University’s online PhD in Psychology offers general expertise and doctoral-level instruction and training across the broad range of the psychological profession. Designed for working professionals, the program’s academic requirements are structured to fit into the demands of the student’s employment obligations, and for acceptance to the degree, no GRE is needed.

The degree’s emphasis in instruction and learning prepares students to understand the mental life and how to construct psychologically fitting learning programs that best suit the general conditions of human cognition in diverse learning contexts and settings. The emphasis in technology, learning, and instruction prepares online students with an understanding of the roles that technology and media play in the spread of information and upon the process of learning.

Campus Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Accreditation: Grand Canyon University has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission

Graduation Rate: 47%

Acceptance Rate: 83%

Admission Requirements:

  • Application
  • Bachelor’s and/or master’s degree
  • Letter of intent

Doctoral Degree Concentrations:

  • General Psychology with an Emphasis in Cognition and Instruction
  • General Psychology with an Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology

Degree Outcomes:

The online doctorate in General Psychology-emphasis in Cognition and Instruction equips graduates for careers in government, school systems, and other instructional contexts. The PhD with an emphasis in Technology and Learning is especially suitable for those interested in entering the rapidly growing field of industrial-organizational psychology.




Online PhD in Psychology

National 8

Program Standouts:

Admission to National University’s online PhD in Psychology is made easier because it does not require the GRE. This outstanding and affordable online doctorate is designed to give its students a broad doctoral-level education in psychological history, theory, and practice.

Enhancing current practitioners’ knowledge and skills, this degree offers weekly course starts that can fit any schedule. Graduates from this online PhD in Psychology will be ready to transition from student to scholar with the ability to analyze individual, group, and institutional psychological structures with an eye to their improvement.

Campus Location: San Diego, California

Accreditation: National University has received accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission

Graduation Rate: 13%

Acceptance Rate: 55%

Admission Requirements:

  • Application
  • Master’s degree in psychology or related field
  • Official transcripts
  • Resume/CV

Program Specializations:

  • Addictions
  • Gender Diversity Studies
  • General Psychology
  • Gerontology
  • Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Mental Health Policy and Practice
  • Trauma and Disaster Relief

Degree Outcomes:

This degree program is designed to prepare students with general and specialized doctoral education that will immediately be able to be applied to academic research and writing.




Multiple PhDs in Psychology

chicago professional school of psychology

Program Standouts:

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is the most diverse doctoral program on this list of GRE-free online PhD programs in psychology. With its specific focus upon psychology and the vast number of part-time and full-time online PhD in psychology specializations, The Chicago School of Professional has a PdD program to fit any student’s aspirations in the field of psychology. From managers and supervisors to academics, Chicago has an online PhD tailored to fit your needs.

Campus Location: Chicago, Illinois

Accreditation: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Graduation Rate: 80%

Acceptance Rate: 37%

Admission Requirements:

  • Application
  • Master’s degree in psychology or related field
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal essay
  • Statement of research
  • Official transcripts

PhD in Psychology Specializations:

  • Organizational Leadership
  • International Psychology
  • Business Psychology
  • Applied Behavior Analysis

Degree Outcomes:

This degree prepares graduates, according to their chosen specializations, for a career in the field of psychology. Potential employment fields include business consultation, college instructors, counseling, trauma, industrial-organizational settings.




Online PhD in Psychology

walden university

Program Standouts:

Walden’s online PhD in Psychology doesn’t require applicants to take the GRE and offers them the possibility of an accelerated degree track by waiving up to five courses for applicants who have completed a master’s degree in a related field. This degree program also awards students with an MPhil in Psychology upon their completion of program requirements prior to completing their dissertation. Combining accessibility, affordability, speed, and convenience, this online doctorate in psychology is an outstanding option for students and practitioners in the field of psychology, looking to advance their careers and their contributions this important field.

Campus Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Accreditation: Walden University has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission

Graduation Rate: 32%

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Admission Requirements:

  • Application
  • Official transcripts
  • Resume/CV
  • Employment history

Program Specializations:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Research in Psychology
  • Teaching in Psychology
  • Self-Designed Program

Degree Outcomes:

This degree through its core components and specializations prepares graduates for a wide range of employment opportunities in the field of psychology. Some these include researcher, consultant, marketing director, human resources manager, political strategist, staff psychologist, director of career services.




PhD in Psychology and PsyD in Psychology

meridian university

Program Standouts:

Meridian University offers both an online PhD and an online PsyD in Psychology. Neither online doctorate requires the GRE for admission. Both programs offer top-notch, affordable doctoral-level instruction and field experience. The PsyD program emphasizes clinical practice and psychological therapy, while the PhD is more geared towards research. Both degrees, however, are designed to prepare graduates for attaining licensure according to the standards of the state of California.

Campus Location: Petaluma, California

Accreditation: Meridian University has received accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission

Graduation Rate: 62%

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Admission Requirements:

  • Application
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Master’s in psychology or related field

Program Sample Courses (PsyD and PhD):

  • Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting
  • Theories of Group Counseling
  • Social Psychology and Industrial Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology

Degree Outcomes:

The PhD program prepares graduates for various careers in counseling, staff psychologist, research and writing, and consultation. The PsyD, in addition to the above-mentioned possible career paths, opens avenues for graduates to pursue clinical practice and therapy.



Frequently Asked Questions


Now is a great time to consider earning a doctorate online in psychology. The rapid growth and implementation of technologies and the diversification of media have sparked great changes in the overall field of psychology.

The dynamic field of psychology is expanding, providing numerous career avenues for psychology professionals and practitioners. From clinical work and therapy to consultation, to organizational management, and marketing, the field of psychology is wide open.

The schools on this list of No-GRE online doctorates provide great options for pursuing a doctoral degree without the hurdle of the GRE!


What do Psychologists do?

Psychologists are found in virtually every field of human industry and interaction. Their expertise and care are needed almost anywhere questions of the mental processes, structures, makeup, emotions, and behaviors of humans are involved.

While the application of psychological knowledge and practice is very extensive, the specific characteristics and concerns of all psychologists are the spheres of the mental, emotional, and behavior present everywhere human beings are involved.

Psychologists, therefore, seek to understand, explain, and improve human mental health and behavior. This is accomplished through research and writing, applications, and clinical research and therapy.

What is the difference between a Ph.D. in Psychology and a PsyD?

PhD programs in psychology are commonly oriented toward academic pursuits that serve to advance the field in terms of both theory and application. To this end, heavy focus is given to research methods, data collection and application, experimentation, and statistics.

A key component of PhD program in psychology is the research and writing of a dissertation wherein the student demonstrates proficiency in the field and specialization in a specific area.

The PsyD is a more recent development in the field of doctoral studies in psychology. The primary focus of most PsyD students is oriented toward clinical practice and therapy. While sharing many aspects with the PhD, the PsyD does typically include a dissertation component to the program.

Both degrees, however, can serve as adequate preparation to practice as licensed psychologists. Broadly speaking, choosing between a PhD and PsyD comes down to personal preferences and one’s orientation to either academic pursuits or application pursuits.

What settings do Psychology professionals and practitioners work in?

Professionals in the field of psychology work in a variety of settings. These include organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions, businesses, and non-profits. Holders of a doctorate in psychology work as consultants, counselors, licensed psychologists, advisors, supervisors, human resource managers, clinicians, and many other fields.

Is it hard to get into a Ph.D. program in psychology?

It can be challenging to get into a Ph.D. program for psychology. The requirements for admission vary from program to program, but typically applicants must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology (or a related field) and a solid academic record.

Additionally, many programs require applicants to submit GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. The competition for spots in a Ph.D. program is often quite intense, so it is important for applicants to do their research and make sure they are a good fit for the program they are applying to.