Data and information for our rankings are procured from the National Center for Education, official college and university websites, and other college ranking sites like U.S. News & World Report

The lists we’ve assembled were done so by researching publicly available data from a number of sources, but, mainly from our own methodology as stated below, in order to derive a useful tool for potential students.  Our researchers and editors have made use of the following criteria in building our program rankings:


  1. How is the delivery of the online program? Easy to use program, asynchronous, flexible, etc.?
  2. What are the retention rates of the program as a whole, online or campus?
  3. What percentage of this program can be done online?


  1. How are the programs career services? ie, do they offer job finding tools, career counselors, etc?
  2. Does the program offer any “extras” versus another similar school program?
  3. How does the post-graduation job placement rate from this program compare to others?


  1. School accreditation/s and other outside recognition?
  2. Is there variety and breadth of the curriculum?
  3. What is the acceptance rate of the school and program?
  4. How much experience do the professors have in teaching?


  • The writers and editors of gather the most important and relevant information from the independent, unbiased’s College Navigator as well as college websites and publicly available data including various highly respected sources
  • Sponsored schools are, in fact, paid advertisements that are not in any way affiliated with OPD’s individual school rankings.  They are distinctly defined with the word “SPONSORED” so as to not perplex our visitors with what the site editors, researchers and writers of OPD have methodologically researched and ranked.  Independently sponsored schools pay for their placement on our site. For more information regarding our ranking methodology or our sponsored schools, please email us at LINDA.WEEMS210@GMAIL.COM

This website will aid in that first step in preparing you for your path towards selecting an online college that works for you and your needs. Perusing each schools’ website yourself and requesting information to be sent to you for your evaluation is highly recommended and encouraged.