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The World’s Richest Doctors and Their Net Worth

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In this article, we will look at some of the world’s richest doctors, their net worth, and the sources of their wealth. The world’s wealthiest doctors have achieved a level of financial success that many can only dream of. Through hard work and dedication, these medical professionals have been able to build businesses, invest in lucrative ventures, and take advantage of lucrative opportunities.

Ph.D. Programs that Require Residencies

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Ph.D. programs that require residencies are a unique type of doctoral program that involves a combination of online coursework and on-site residencies. These programs are generally designed to allow students to continue working while completing their degree. Read on for more info.

Highest Paying Doctoral Degrees

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Doctoral degrees are some of the most sought-after and highest-paying degrees in the world. They typically require several years of intense study and research, as well as a dissertation or thesis. Those who pursue these degrees often enter prestigious and high-paying positions in their field of study.

How To Stand Out As A PhD Student

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As a Ph.D. student, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your professors, peers, and future employers. However, standing out as a Ph.D. student is essential if you want to maximize your potential and achieve your goals. These tips will help you make a positive impact as a Ph.D. student and stand out from the competition.

Free Research Tools to Help with Your Dissertation

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Searching for reliable research tools can be a challenge for any Ph.D. student working on a dissertation. However, there are a number of free tools available that can help streamline the research process, making it easier to find the information you need. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best free research tools available to Ph.D. students working on their dissertations.

Top Free (or Cheap!) Online Ph.D. Level Courses

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Are you interested in gaining a Ph.D. without having to attend classes in person or pay tuition fees? If so, then you may want to explore the world of free online Ph.D.-level courses. With the rise in popularity of distance learning, more universities are offering courses on a range of topics that can help you earn a Ph.D. without having to leave the comfort of your home. Check it out!

Ph.D. Math – Course Requirements And Career Prospects

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Pursuing a Ph.D. in math can be a challenging path to follow; however, with a lot of hard work and an aptitude for the subject, it can prove rewarding. There are plenty of excellent Ph.D. mathematics programs to attend at universities all over the world. On completion of the math Ph.D., there are plenty of career prospects available in academia, actuary, finance, data science, research, and many other areas.

Learn About Forestry Careers!

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Are you looking for a career that combines your love of the outdoors with a rewarding job? Consider a career in forestry. Forestry is a field that involves the management, conservation and protection of forests, trees, and other natural resources for the benefit of wildlife, people, and the environment. With a career in forestry, you can help protect and conserve our natural resources while enjoying the great outdoors.

A Guide to Forestry and Conservation

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A career in Forestry and Conservation can be both rewarding and challenging. Foresters must be knowledgeable about the natural environment and the impacts of human behavior on it and must be able to work with a variety of stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of the environment. Take a look!

Art and Design: An Art Student’s Glossary

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If you’re an art student, you know that there are many words and concepts that you need to know in order to understand the art world. To help make this easier, we’ve put together a glossary of standard art terms that you should be familiar with.

STEM Activities and Games

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From preschool to high school, students are exposed to STEM activities and games that help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. STEM activities and games can help kids in a variety of ways, including strengthening their knowledge of the core subjects, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills, and developing their analytical and critical-thinking abilities.

Getting a PhD in USA: A Complete Guide for International and Domestic Students

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If you’re looking for the right university to obtain your Ph.D. at, then you’re probably already an expert in your area of interest and want to back that up with the right credentials. You may also be tempted by access to the world’s top universities’ research capabilities, which could allow you to conduct empirical studies of whatever it is that you’re interested in.

Online Juris Doctor Programs


The Juris Doctorate (JD) degree, also referred to as the doctor of jurisprudence, has the function of providing law students with primary preparation (and prerequisite) before they take the bar exam and get the licensure to practice law. It is more of a professional law degree than a research one, as the Juris Doctor acquires extensive and specialized knowledge of the legal system and develops their skills in legal analysis and writing, public speeches, trial procedures, and more.

Doctor of Occupational Therapy – What You Need to Know about OTD Programs


Occupational therapy is one of the allied health professions, meaning healthcare-related jobs distinct from pharmaceutical science, medicine, nursing, and dentistry. It includes developing, recovering, and maintaining meaningful activities in individuals or groups in order to help them recover or adjust to a new situation.

How to Get PhD Funding

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Let’s break down the costs of getting a Ph.D. into clear chunks – and let’s see how you can cover these costs with as few student loans as possible. Getting Ph.D. funding is a bit different than getting a scholarship in college, and the process can be drawn out and difficult – but definitely worth it.

What is a PhD? Doctor of Philosophy

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A Ph.D. is the crowning achievement of anyone’s academic career. Every one of us starts at the same point – preschool, to elementary school to middle and high school. Some of us go on to college or university, and some of us get passionate and interested enough in a subject to stay there even longer than a basic bachelor’s.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Degree in Business School?


Many people in the United States decide to apply to business schools, and it is not surprising at all. With such an educational background, you are more likely to launch a career in almost any industry of your choice, let it be consulting, finances, music, or international business.

Foolproof Ways To Calm Your Nerves Before The Big Test

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You study hard for that pesky major exam as if your life depended on it. And after what seemed like an eternity, the big test is finally here! But, here’s a problem: although you managed to pull several all-nighters, you still feel unprepared or anxious even.

Great Gift Ideas for Ph.D. Students

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Ph.D. students are extremely busy with their classes and extracurricular activities, and rarely do they get the chance to shop leisurely. They do not have the luxury of time to go on a shopping spree and get the things they need. In fact, in the process of completing dissertations, graduate students’ outside interests usually take a back seat.

Top Habits of Successful People

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Today’s biggest innovators share one thing in common: vision. This is the kind of vision that gave us Microsoft, Facebook, the iPhone, and Tesla, to name a few. All world-changing innovations were born out of the idea of one person or a group of individuals with that burning drive to achieve that goal that they share. Calling them ‘lucky’ is a sloppy attempt at giving credit to their accomplishments.

Common Fears of Ph.D. Students and How To Overcome Them

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Ph.D. students are haunted by everyday struggles. You, more than anyone, can attest to this. No matter how much you try to escape, the inevitable catches up to you. Regardless, deciding to get a Ph.D. is a victory in itself. But to successfully earn the degree, one must go through all the hoops and hurdles graduate school may throw your way.

Using A Master’s Degree As a Bridge Toward Your Ph.D.

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If you are thinking of beginning a master’s degree with an eye to going on to a terminal degree, enrolling in a Master’s to Ph.D. bridge program may be an option to consider. Bridge to doctorate programs are designed to help students transition easily from master’s degree programs to Ph.D. programs. Bridge programs at various universities accept students into their master’s program when they have the intention of continuing on into the doctoral program. A bridge program is usually around a two-year program for students with a bachelor’s degree in a closely related field to the one they would like to pursue.

The Ins and Outs of Self-Funding your Ph.D.

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J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit, is about a hobbit named Bilbo who is thrown into an adventure. When Gandalf first approaches him and gives the first hint that an adventure is lurking, Bilbo responds, “Sorry! I don’t want any adventures, thank you. Not Today. Good morning! But please come to tea – any time you like! Why not tomorrow? Goodbye!” If this is your attitude toward adventure, then the self-funded Ph.D. is not for you.

Online Support Groups For Ph.D. Students

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Ph.D. is one of the toughest phases anyone can choose to face in their academic life. Coping is an everyday struggle in itself. Many can attest to the fact that the road to that graduate diploma may be long and lonely. You will surely encounter struggles that no one but a fellow Ph.D. student would understand.

The Importance of Accreditation and Online Ph.D. Programs

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One of the very first steps any prospective online student should take before enrolling is to verify whether or not the school and the online degree are accredited. And most importantly, you need to ask: Is it accredited by a recognized and legitimate accrediting agency?

Simply put, accreditation is a process of ensuring that an academic institution and the degree programs they offer meet the strictest educational standards set by accrediting agencies. In the United States, online, on-campus, and blended degree programs are open for accreditation.

How to Boost Your Chances of Getting Accepted to an Online Ph.D. Program

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With the continuing expansion of online education, more and more working adults are finding it possible to achieve the highest level of education in their field. The cost and convenience of online education make it a great option for those who have good jobs where they have a settled family life that they do not wish to uproot. Flexibility and the continued improvement of student support services, along with just technology itself, give more and more adults the opportunity to pursue the dream of continued study in their field.

Doctoral Degrees Obtainable in the US

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We’ve compiled a list, in alphabetical order, that The National Science Foundation recognizes as research doctorate degrees you can obtain in the USA.

How To Write a Perfect Essay Like a PH.D. [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In 2017, 39% of high school students taking the ACT lacked the English skills necessary to successfully complete a college course. After college, 44% of hiring managers say recent grads still lack writing proficiency.

Earning a Ph.D.: Can Higher Education Goals Lead to a Higher Salary? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Earning a Ph.D. requires dedication and spending many years of your life tucked away studying and taking exams while other people your age are already putting their lower-level degrees to use in the real world. Unique career options, enhanced self-confidence, and an advanced skillset are three ways a Ph.D. can lead to a higher salary.