An online Doctor of Applied Behavioral Analysis degree will allow you to assist others by conducting research, teaching at the university level, or by establishing your own psychology practice. With this accolade, you may discover and develop new and exciting applications that specialize in autism, brain injuries, or other severe behavioral disorders. 

Please note that most online doctorate programs in this field do require some on-campus attendance. If you have the desire to help people in your community, check out these top programs!

Positions in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis are much needed, and the average salary of a Psychologist, for example, can range from $48,010 to upwards of $141,910 annually, according to the BLS. ABA positions can be obtained in the fields of healthcare, business management, education, or private practice, among others.


At, we hope that the following school suggestions for the Best Online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Degree Programs will assist you in pursuing an online educational program that fits your educational needs, as well as your personality and busy schedule. The below-referenced schools are all exceptional schools; therefore, has chosen to rank these educators in random order, for all exhibit equivalent attributes, such as:

  • 100% online availability,
  • Comprehensive degree-specific curriculum in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis,
  • Ease of use, Exceptional Student Support, and Learning Management System,
  • Available Financial Aid opportunities,
  • Allows for the development of advanced skills in ABA Management,
  • Gain advanced knowledge in ABA theoretical foundations, behavioral analysis methodology, and philosophy, among many other topics,
  • Hones Research skills and prepares for the Dissertation process,
  • Offers experienced Faculty, experts in the field of ABA,
  • Provides educational requirements toward Board Certification in Behavior Analyst – Doctoral (BCBA-D).

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Applied Behavioral Analysis

PROGRAM STANDOUTS: At Arizona State University, you can earn the same prestigious degree through their distance learning format as those students who attend on-campus.

Their accredited online programs offer students innovative and high-quality educational opportunities in many topics, such as an online Doctor of Behavioral Health (Clinical) degree that specializes in applied behavior analysis.

As the core curriculum in this program is a focus on healthcare interventions and management, you will concentrate your efforts on medical literacy, integrated behavioral intercessions, and entrepreneurship. ASU also offers an online degree in Doctoral of Behavioral Health with a focus on management. Graduates will be prepared for leadership positions.

CAMPUS LOCATION: Tempe/Scottsdale, AZ

ACCREDITATION: Arizona State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604-1441,   Ph: (800)621-7440

TYPES OF AID: Scholarships, Grants, Federal Work-Study Programs, Federal Student Loans, Federal Parent Loans, Private Student Loans


ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: You can expect ASU online programs to begin every 7 1/2 weeks. To apply, you must have completed a master’s degree program from an accredited institution with a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA. You will need to complete a graduate admission application and submit a $70 application fee.

You will need to include your graduate transcript, personal statement, your current license, or proof of license eligibility, as well as a work resumé and one professional letter of recommendation. You may also need to attend a webcam admission interview.

PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY: Arizona State University online classwork includes synchronous, or live, chats with fellow students and faculty, live streaming video consultation with experts, in addition to a research project to include a business plan specific to your career goals and interests.

DEGREE OUTCOMES: As a graduate of ASU’s Online Doctor of Behavioral Health program, your clinical concentration will provide many career opportunities, such as a Behavioral Health Consultant, Health Coach, or Health Educator. If you choose to concentrate on a management degree, you will qualify for a position as a Health Care Administrator, Executive, Consultant, or Manager, among many others.



Applied Behavioral Analysis

PROGRAM STANDOUTS: Capella University takes pride in its extensive options of online distance learning programs. They have approximately 36,000 students enrolled in online classes with an average of 1488 faculty members (of which 86% are doctoral degree holders) to help you succeed in your quest for higher education.

Established in 1993, Capella provides quality and innovative, yet convenient and flexible, educational experience to all students from all walks of life.

If you are interested in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Capella offers their students the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology degree with a focus on Behavior Analysis. This program focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to help you perform research and practice in the field of ABA.

You will be responsible for completing core courses, specialization, and elective courses, along with dissertation research seminars and a comprehensive exam. Upon completion, you can apply for the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral (BCBA-D) certification.


ACCREDITATION: Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604-1441,   Ph: (800)621-7440

TYPES OF AID: Federal Loan Programs, such as Subsidized Loans and Unsubsidized Loans, Federal Grad PLUS Loans, Employer and Association Discounts, Military Discounts, Third-Party Scholarships, Private Loans, and Federal Grants


ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Enrollment counselors are ready to help you find the right program for you. You may complete your application and submit your non-refundable $50 application fee online.

You will need to submit your master’s degree transcript (with a minimum of 3.0 GPA) in the fields of behavior analysis, education, or psychology. You must also have graduated from a program with a BCBA-approved sequence or currently own BCBA certification.

PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY: Depending on your program, you may have a choice of the following two learning formats: FlexPath lets you choose your own pace. You can, based on your own schedule, take up to two weeks to complete a course or up to ten weeks; then, you can move on to the next course. In this manner, your completion times determine your costs.

For those that prefer more structure, the GuidedPath format is designed to allow each student to work at their own convenience; however, you will have specific deadlines to complete your assignments.  

However, through your psychology program, you may be required to attend some on-campus coursework, as well. Through all programs, you will have the guide support, career center, enrollment counselors, as well as community and networking groups to help you along the way. Capella’s faculty is dedicated to your success. In addition, they offer doctoral advice and dissertation mentors.

DEGREE OUTCOMES: Through Capella, rest assured your online doctoral degree program is designed to prepare you for the expertise needed in the field of applied behavior analysis; therefore, you can count on advancing in your career.

You will leave Capella with exceptional skills relevant to the field of psychology and qualify for positions such as a board-certified behavior analyst, clinical director, or professor of psychology. These positions can be found at universities or colleges, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, schools, or government agencies.



Applied Behavioral Analysis

PROGRAM STANDOUTS: Endicott College was founded in 1939 and is located on 235 acres of pristine beachfront property; therefore, attending in person is an exceptional experience in itself.

Originally a women’s college in 1994, Endicott became co-ed. In addition to the quality curriculum and programs offered on campus, they also now offer excellent online doctorate courses, as well. Endicott offers their students the privilege of earning an online Ph.D. degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.

This is a research-based program that will provide you with the skill set needed to teach at the university level or pursue a career in research, all while understanding the complexities of human behavior.

Therefore, pack your swimsuit, for you will witness the gorgeous beach backdrop of Endicott yourself, no doubt, because as an online student in this program, there will be some on-campus requirements, as well.

As you become a leader in applied behavior analysis, your coursework will include Behaviorism and Philosophy of Science, Research in Social Skills Training, Analysis and Intervention in Developmental Disabilities, in addition to many others. Your Endicott experience will be memorable, as well as rewarding, as they help make your dreams a reality.


ACCREDITATION: Endicott College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604-1441,   Ph: (800)621-7440

TYPES OF AID: As earning your online doctorate degree is a huge investment, Endicott College is most assuredly interested in helping you obtain the financial help you deserve to obtain your college education. You must complete an online financial aid application to see what types of financial aid assistance you may qualify for. Their representatives are there to help you every step of the way.


ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Please complete your online application and submit a non-refundable $50 application fee. The application fee is waived for military and veteran students. In addition, you must have earned a master’s degree from an accredited university and submit applicable transcripts of all post-secondary academic work, three recommendation letters, an original 6-10 page personal statement, GRE scores, evidence of at least three years of related professional experience and a writing sample concerning the critical challenges facing Behavior Analysts today. An admission interview will also be conducted.

PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY: At Endicott College, your online Ph.D. program in Applied Behavior Analysis is offered in two formats. You will be required to attend occasional classroom-based instruction as well as synchronous online classes. You may be asked to review documentaries and lectures in addition to other learning programs.

You will have multiple ways to communicate with fellow classmates and professors. Online tutoring, an academic advisor, and technical support are also readily available.

DEGREE OUTCOMES: Upon graduation from Endicott College, you will qualify for positions as a scientist-practitioner in education, public policy, developmental disabilities, or within business or industries.

Through your online doctorate program, you will display the skills and principles needed to excel in the field of applied behavior analysis. Endicott’s Career Center is there to help you long after graduation.



Applied Behavioral Analysis

PROGRAM STANDOUTS: The University of Nevada-Reno has much to offer its on-campus students, as well as its online students.

They promote diversity and technological advances, in addition to outstanding educational experiences, to ensure everyone’s success. They are dedicated to conducting original research and encouraging creative thinking, and they promote leadership through academic excellence.

You can expect exceptional, well-respected, and highly accomplished faculty to help you along your educational journey. At the University of Nevada-Reno, you may choose to participate in their Ph.D. in Psychology program with a specialization in Behavior Analysis.

Their doctorate program for this field is unique in that it is partially conducted online, while other portions are sponsored by off-campus locations such as the sponsor’s worksite. This is referred to as a satellite program; therefore, it will require occasional face-to-face attendance.

The doctoral program in Behavior Analysis provides each student with comprehensive training in applied behavior analysis, which allows you to develop a specialized interest, therefore, making a positive contribution to society through your extensive research in human behavior.


ACCREDITATION: The University of Nevada-Reno is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604-1441,   Ph: (800)621-7440

TYPES OF AID: Scholarships, Grants, Work-Study Programs, Fellowships, and Loans


ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: All applicants must complete an online application for entry into a graduate program along with a Satellite program application. There is a non-refundable $60 application fee.

You must also submit your official transcripts from all accredited graduate schools, as well as your GRE scores, statement of purpose, work history, and three letters of recommendation. With this program, you must be admitted to the graduate school and the Behavior Analysis Program (Satellite Program Application).

PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY: The University of Nevada-Reno offers its satellite program in Behavior Analysis at off-campus locations that are sponsored by businesses, human service agencies, or other organizations. Training is delivered face-to-face at a sponsor’s workplace and other coursework is delivered through an online format. You can communicate with instructors through WebCampus using email and chats.

DEGREE OUTCOMES: The friendships you will develop throughout your online/satellite doctorate program at the University of Nevada-Reno will last a lifetime, as all alumni support each other personally and professionally. This unique program will provide you with a comprehensive view of philosophy and applied behavior analysis, in addition to the basics of research and experimental work.

Due to the program’s reputation for high-quality academics, most graduates find gainful employment immediately after graduation. As you embark upon your future graduate education, consider the University of Nevada-Reno for your doctoral degree needs.




PROGRAM STANDOUTS: In 1979, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology was established. They are a graduate university specializing in psychology and is recognized for its noteworthy contributions to the field of psychology.

Their Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis online degree program provides the convenience and flexibility needed by most professionals who have full-time careers already in place. The exceptional faculty at CSPP brings their real-world work experience to the classroom by focusing on the relevant topics of today.

Your coursework will provide you with a solid foundation in the analysis of human behavior, including classes in Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Critical Analysis of Research in Verbal Behavior, and ABA Supervising and Consulting.

Your program will combine online, cohort, and blended formats to bring to you the most up-to-date and innovative study in your chosen field. With a significant job growth rate, the field of applied behavior analysis is on the rise.

Get the job or promotion you deserve by completing an online doctoral degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where you can pursue your dream from anywhere, at any time.


ACCREDITATION: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

TYPES OF AID: Grants, Fellowships, Student Loans, Scholarships, and Paid Employment, either inside or outside of the school.


ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers Career Support Services to help graduates choose the best educational path and goals for themselves. To apply, complete an online application and include your $50 application fee.

You will also need to submit your official transcripts from all accredited graduate programs, as well as a personal essay answering their two required topic questions, your current resumé, and three letters of recommendation.

Applicants will be judged by their academic aptitude, emotional and social maturity, in addition to, their overall ability to commit to a graduate program.

PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is dedicated to providing online programs that will fit your busy lifestyle.

Many online doctorate programs will require a one to two-hour session each term; however, depending on your chosen program, on-campus attendance may be required in a “blended” format, as well. At these times, students will be required to attend a synchronous virtual residency component at the same time.

Through “Canvas,” you can access your coursework easily via mobile devices, laptops, desktops, or tablets. Through this interactive format, you can communicate in real-time with other classmates, easily contact instructors, and experience video conferencing and podcasts. In addition, 24/7 technical support and your Student Advisor will be there to assist you from start to finish.

DEGREE OUTCOMES: With your doctoral degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, you will develop an excellent skill set in research, practice, and theory within the field of ABA. You will qualify for Behavioral Analysts positions in the areas of education, government, and business, among many others.

You can expect to reach and exceed your goals through the extraordinary programs that the Chicago School of Professional Psychology has to offer!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to earn a Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis?

The length of time it takes to earn a Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) varies depending on the program and the individual’s circumstances. On average, completing a doctoral program in ABA can take about 5-7 years of full-time study.

What are the benefits of earning a Doctorate in ABA?

Increased Credibility: A doctoral degree in Applied Behavior Analysis can provide valuable credibility and recognition from academic peers and the broader medical community, which can open up numerous opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

Increased Job Security: Obtaining a terminal degree in ABA typically offers greater job security as it increases the likelihood of being able to find positions in specialized fields or serving as an independent consultant.

Increased Expertise: A doctoral degree in ABA provides the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of ABA for assessments, interventions, and research. Students are likely to gain a deeper understanding of various methods of analysis, insights on how to build and develop programs for various fields, and access to specialized training programs.

Potential Higher Earning Potential: Having a Doctorate in ABA can provide an individual with the potential for a higher salary and career prospects in the field, as it is often a requirement to obtain higher-level positions in leading organizations.

Meaningful Contribution to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis: A Doctorate in ABA can provide individuals with the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the field and help to innovate and shape the standard of treatment for those individuals dealing with disabilities and mental health issues. It also provides the opportunity to teach and mentor younger generations of professionals and students.

Is a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis worth it?

It depends on what your career goals are. For some people, obtaining a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis can open the door to more career opportunities, such as working in research, teaching, and management roles. It can also provide you with more in-depth knowledge and skills in the behavior analysis field and help you become better qualified to lead organizations.

On the other hand, it is essential to consider the cost and time commitment that a Ph.D. requires. Ultimately, it should be based on an individual’s personal goals and interests.

Additional Info: