A Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering is one of the most challenging degree programs, making distance learning for this program only partly feasible. Some laboratory activities and classroom lectures require in-person attendance or requirements. However, students can enroll in a few schools that offer a hybrid format of learning in completing their Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering program. While a completely online doctorate in Chemical Engineering is generally challenging for some individuals, there are a few U.S. schools that offer the option to complete online courses at their own flexibility and convenience while taking the on-campus requirements whenever possible.

In addition, earning a PhD CE is one of the rarest forms of degree program under the engineering sectors. However, graduates who successfully complete this degree is one of the most rewarding experience he or she can be proud of. Chemical Engineers helps improve the utilization of raw materials and turn them into more useful products that will benefit society. In addition, they provide solutions and discoveries to establish better engineering processes that include the use of chemicals.

If you are interested in pursuing an online PhD CE, there are several ways the school can help you in terms of scheduling. Some schools offer a part-time program of this particular degree which allows you to take evening and weekend classes. Never let your fear and discouragement hinder the way into getting a PhD CE.

What are the requirements to earn a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering?

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Prospective graduates of the Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering degree must comply with the school’s specified requirements for admission. The majority of the schools or universities require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited educational institution. Additionally, a few schools require the completion of a master’s degree program of the related field. Students must submit a written qualifying examination before they proceed to the second academic year of the program. Moreover, they must submit an actual research paper within two years after passing the required written examination.

A doctoral dissertation is also required. This dissertation requires extensive research work on the different specializations in the field such as biopharmaceutical engineering, complex fluids, metabolic engineering, nanostructured films and devices, and other related fields of study. A dissertation defense in the form of a final oral examination may be required from the students by some educational institutions. In addition, some schools or universities need a residency requirement or even a graduate seminar for a PhD CE degree. 

How long can a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering be earned?

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Chemical Engineering degree programs cover a variety of topics and areas of study such as biomedicine and health technologies; alternative energy and sustainable renewable energy; food production; and nuclear technologies. This online doctorate chemical engineering degree program is composed of extensive research, hands-on laboratory work or processes, set of examinations, and dissertation assignments. With this being said, this program comes with several specializations and minor requirements.

The Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering can be completed at an average of four to five years depending on the students’ time frame of learning.

What are the possible career pathways for a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering graduate?

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Chemical Engineering is an extensive field of study, with several opportunities that match the professional’s interests. Chemical Engineers with doctorate degrees can work in several industries either in the private, academic, or government settings. As an academic pinnacle of organic chemistry, it paved the way to several professions that can help provide innovation and solutions through research work and advance expertise. They can work as professors or researchers in the field of the academic sectors. Career opportunities await graduates of the chemical engineering degree program in nanotechnology, biomedicine, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, sustainability, and many other fields.

With the shift towards adapting digital solutions and technological innovations, PhD CE holders, chemical engineers with engineering and chemistry expertise, certainly have an edge over their counterparts. Graduates can work as chemical equipment operators, chemical plant and system operators, industrial engineering technologists, chemists, food scientists, and manufacturing production technicians.

In addition, other rewarding professions related to the chemical engineering field include biomedical engineer that has a median salary worth $86,950 per year, chemical engineering manager with a median salary of $130,620 and material scientist that earns $91,980 per year median salary.

What is the set of coursework in an online Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering?

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An online Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering degree program typically consists of a core curriculum that includes a variety of topics such as mathematical principles, chemical reaction engineering, biotechnology, nuclear technology, sustainable and renewal energy, and kinetics. Students have the opportunity to customize their learning and maximize their expertise in specific concentrations including materials synthesis, transport and separation processes, environmental engineering, processing and control, or biomaterials and tissue engineering to name a few of the specializations that can be taken by students under the chemical engineering doctorate degree.

This online doctorate degree has coursework including Principles of Biochemical Engineering, Applied Engineering Mathematics, Interfacial Phenomena, Principles of Polymer Science, Advanced Chemical Engineering Kinetics, and Combustion Theory and Modeling among others. 

What schools offer a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering degree programs?

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Luckily, there are a few schools that offer a completely online Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering degree program which does not require an on-campus activity from the students. With this setup, students are able to pursue their online doctorate degrees without compromising their professional and personal obligations. The schools offering a 100% completely online format include the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

However, there are schools also that offer a combination of on-campus and distance learning format in their Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering programs such as Florida Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado Boulder, and Oregon State University. All of these institutions require the completion of on-campus laboratory activities and residency requirements. In addition, some courses can be taken completely online during the semester.

With the vast innovation and rapid change of the world, chemical engineers readily adapt to new methodologies and discoveries that will provide benefits to modern society. The medical field has several milestones through advance biomedicines and nanotechnological discoveries in the evolution of medicines. Are you interested to earn a Nobel Prize Award? Do you want to discover the cure for cancer? Pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering, and who knows you’ll be the next big name in the field of medicine.