A Ph.D. graduate is perceived to be an expert of the subject. If you are interested in obtaining a doctorate degree, actively seek out programs and PhD requirements. Chances are, your university has its own on-campus or online doctorate program to get you started. Ask around and seek advice from your academic adviser (who is most likely a doctorate degree holder) and current doctoral students. Use your knowledge as you make plans to pursue your own.

Doctorate programs have admission requirements. You can start satisfying the eligibility criteria, which is the minimum qualification for admission. The degree you have previously earned will be taken into account. Many PhD program students are bachelor’s degree and master’s degree holders. These degrees should be of the field that is related to their doctoral study

A bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree are necessary for you to qualify but some doctoral students are bachelor’s degree holders who earn their master’s degree midway through the doctoral program. You need to submit all documents and requirements proving your eligibility, including transcripts and purpose statements,

A doctorate program typically takes about three to eight years to complete, depending on the area of focus. You will need to complete your coursework and pass written examinations of the doctorate program. Contingent upon approval from the graduate study program director, your master’s degree may be used to reduce your PhD residency requirements.

Since Ph.D. programs essentially revolve around research, you will be required to write a dissertation and make a dissertation proposal. However, you will be allowed to proceed when all Ph.D. general and departmental requirements have been met. Doctorate programs utilize methods to evaluate students, keep track of their progress, and assess their status. Satisfactory completion of the requirements is a precondition to starting your dissertation work.

Through your dissertation, you will produce and present new or original evidence-based research of which you need to assert full knowledge and authority. You will need to consult with your academic coach or advisor who will guide you and assess your progress.

Finally, you will have to successfully defend your dissertation in front of a panel consisting of a committee of specialists in their fields of study. Ultimately, the results of your dissertation defense will determine whether or not you will graduate.

After completing everything, you can bid the long and arduous process farewell. This is an academic feat that not more than one percent of the population has achieved. Congratulations are in order as you finally earn your Ph.D.!