Completing a doctoral degree in English or really in any subject is an accomplishment to be proud of. Hard work, discipline, and a whole lot of study are necessary to arrive at the top of one’s educational field. Depending on whether you complete or have completed a PhD in English or a Doctor of Education with a specialty in English, there are many careers available for those who have stayed the course!

Those who study the humanities usually have a real appreciation for their topic of study. Although many who have completed a Doctorate in English will go on to pass on their love of the subject directly to other students in educational environments, there are other careers available for them as well. Outlined below are just a few of these available careers along with an overview of teaching with a Doctorate in English.

Librarians, especially in academic libraries, often need a broad education in order to develop and manage collections of books. Organizing and selecting information as well as assisting other researchers to understand copyright law, referencing and other aspects of research are all part of the librarian’s responsibilities.

An Editorial Assistant works with editors at all stages of the production of books, magazines, online material, or advertising materials. The duties of an assistant editor can range from routine administrative jobs to summarizing or re-writing existing materials. Correcting manuscripts, negotiating timescales and organizing projects are also common duties of editorial assistants.

Journalists will often have a degree in English and although an image may spring immediately to mind on hearing the word journalist, their job description can vary considerably. Magazines and newspapers as well as online or freelance journalists bring us information every day. Many items of knowledge–such as scientific information, economic information, all forms of news, we now take for granted have come from journalists, working hard to present accurate information in clear and concise ways to extremely diverse audiences.

Investigative researchers will only benefit from possessing a doctorate in English. With their mastery of the language, coupled with deep and broad exposure to the most effective and clear communicators who have employed the English language, these researchers can apply the best styles and techniques that are tailored to their audiences to present discoveries in effective and convincing ways.

Finally, teaching English or literature are the primary careers that both those pursuing and who have already earned a doctorate will be prepared for. English and literature teachers and professors work at all levels of education. This includes elementary through secondary schools, as well as, colleges and universities all the way through the levels of graduate school. At the elementary and secondary school levels, English teachers focus on the basics of the language such as the basics of reading and writing as well as introducing students to the world and wonders of literature suited for the age and development of the student. At the college and university level English professors and professors of English literature continue guiding students through advanced works of literature in the English language (as well as translations of works from other languages). At the higher levels of English and literature instruction, teachers and professors help the students read more in-depth, carefully, and critically, looking at the structures, influences behind, and leading ideas and messages in works of literature. At this level English teachers and professors of English often produce and lead classes on creative writing. Another common career track is teaching English as a second language to students whose first language is other than English.

This is only a small sample of the many careers and vocational paths that are open to those with a doctorate in English.

Given that teaching, whether it is combined with research, writing, and publishing, is a primary career destination for people who earn a doctorate in English, when it comes to looking at salary we will stick with educational and academic occupations.

  • College professors, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earn on average almost $81,000 per year
  • High school teachers make about $62,000 per year
  • Kindergarten and elementary educators earn nearly $61,000 each year.

Each of these fields is expected to see growth at average or above-average rates over the next decade, or so.

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