Individuals who have the passion and grit to take-on a doctoral degree in education will expand their horizons greatly. In this career path individuals will find fulfilling positions that both shape the lives of students and school systems themselves, depending on the nature of one’s degree. To quickly review this distinction: a Doctor of Education (EdD) allows one to enter into administrative roles that design and shape the system, while a Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) prepares students to continue teaching.

Each degree program requires that students have completed relevant work experience in the field of education for several consecutive years, to therefore have an established understanding of both teaching and administrative aspects of the discipline. The curricula then will move graduates on toward greatly fulfilling careers in areas of high responsibility and control.

Here is a list of some of the most popular career choices and their salaries (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) that you could enter into upon exiting your Ed.D program of choice:

A Principal, Headmaster or Headmistress, or Head Teacher is the teacher in a school that has the most responsibility over the classes, the students, and the other teachers themselves. This role can be filled in many ways depending on the school-level: elementary, middle, or high school. These professionals communicate with others such as superintendents, parents, and board members to discuss finances, administration, curricula, and various school programs. The median annual salary for this position is about $101,320/yr with a job outlook of about 1% over the next 10 years.

Academic Deans serve a similar administrive-teaching role, but in higher education environments such as colleges and universities. Deans are in charge of certain departments and colleges within a school, and work as a unit to keep the school system running efficiently, such as Dean of Students, Dean of Faculty, Dean of the College of Business, etc. Much of their time is spent in a management or administrative role. Deans typically earn about the same as a Principal or Headmaster, with a similar job out look as well.

And now a few positions associated with a Ph.D in Education:

Post-Secondary Professor is definitely the most popular and common career path for these graduates, as they are typically more focused on the teaching aspects of the field in colleges and universities of all kinds. Individuals specialize in their own particular area of study which spans hundreds of subjects, and, with a Ph.D, can refine and enhance their methods of delivery, curriculum design, and communication skills. Professors of this nature typically earn about $80,000/yr, with a job outlook of about 8% over the next 10 years, which is much faster than average.

Another less well-known area of this discipline is that of a Curriculum Coordinator. A profession wherein individuals design, create, analyze, and refine curricula of all types, which drastically improves the quality of K-12 school districts in particular, but also colleges, and government agencies benefit from the skill of these experts.

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