salary with an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis

Along with the rise in individuals born with or acquiring developmental disabilities, the need for qualified employees specializing in applied behavior analysis is also rising. And, as with most professions, the more education you have received, the more benefits, promotions, and higher salaries you will be qualified to obtain.

How do I earn an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis degree?

Why Earn an ABA Degree

With an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis degree, you can choose a career that helps to enrich the lives of others, as well as fit your own personality. At this level, you may choose to obtain a doctoral degree to allow for teaching at the university level or for doing extensive research in the field.

In addition, a professional doctorate degree will allow you to continue in your work with autistic children or others with developmental challenges.

salary with an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis

Earn BCBA-D Recognition

Obtaining an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis degree will prepare you for the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) certification. With these credentials, you may choose to become a behavior analyst specialist.

Behavior Analyst Specialist

The salary for this position can vary greatly depending on experience, education, and certifications.

The range is typically between $62,710 to $76,620 annually. They generally are tasked with assessing bad behaviors and implementing change techniques to encourage good behavior through applied behavior analysis. Their research helps them develop treatment plans that are specific for each individual patient.

As you work one on one with a patient, you can acquire positions within a school, home, healthcare facility, or through government agencies.

Psychology Professor

salary with an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis

If you would prefer to teach at the university level, psychology professors usually earn between $86,187 to $204,658 annually. Your Ph.D., in this capacity, will typically allow for extensive research in human behavior and design, as well.

Self-Employed Psychologist

Some aspire to establish their own psychology practice with their doctorate degree. Of course, your state may also require licensing. Psychologists provide a more complex treatment to those who are suffering from mental illness or brain injuries/disorders.

As a private practice psychologist, you can expect to earn $85,330 or more per year, depending on experience and the number of clients.

Forensic Psychologist

As a forensic psychologist, your salary can average about $68,240 annually, however, with experience, you can earn upwards of $75,000 annually. Forensic psychologists review, analyze and evaluate court cases.

Often, they focus on family, criminal or civil court and work for consulting firms, prisons, law firms, or police departments. They evaluate behaviors and often testify in a court of law to present their evaluations to judges and juries.

salary with an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis


If you want to continue your journey into human behavior and the mind, consider a position as a psychiatrist. Your background will lay the foundation, although, in this capacity, you will need a medical doctorate degree.

Also required will be a psychiatry residency and a license to practice and prescribe medications. The average salary for a psychiatrist ranges from $223,597 to $279,114 per year, depending on experience, location, and the number of clients.

Other Rewarding Careers

salary with an online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis

As you earn your online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis degree, you can see that your career choice will help those that need you the most and provide you with abundant rewards and inspiration.

One aspect that may be of particular interest to you is working with children that are autistic. Applied behavior analysis principles have been proven to work well with children who are considered to have autism spectrum disorder.

ABA specialists concentrate on basic skills, such as listening or imitating, although some students need work with more complex capabilities, such as reading or social skills.

In addition, there are other specialties to consider, such as those with traumatic brain injuries or language development issues.  Also, specialists are needed in organizational behavior management, special education, or geriatrics. If you prefer to use your skills on four-legged patients, animal training using ABA techniques is now widely accepted.

Choose a career that reflects your passions and interests. If a career in ABA is for you, please check out our choices for the Best Online Doctor of Applied Behavior Analysis Degree Programs.

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