Of course, earning your online doctorate degree in cybersecurity will be a lengthy process, not to mention costly. Will the hard work and expense be worth it?

The world of cybersecurity branches out into many job titles, however, the main principle entails protecting sensitive and vital information stored in our computer systems from criminal activity. It also involves the systems used to prevent technical problems that could release pertinent information to the public, therefore, compromising our national security.

As you contemplate earning your online Doctor of Cybersecurity degree, you many want to consider a position as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) after the completion of your doctorate program. In this position as a senior-level executive, you will be responsible for developing and implementing information security programs that are in charge of safeguarding communication systems from all types of threatening activities. The salary as a CISO can vary greatly depending on experience and responsibilities, however, most can expect between $66,000 to upwards of $174,000 or more, annually.

If you have several years of IT security experience, your online Doctor of Cybersecurity degree may help you get the promotion you deserve. The average pay for a Security Manager is approximately $112,000 annually. You will oversee others who work tirelessly to protect computer systems from cyber threats. Your doctorate program will prepare you with the leadership skills you will need in management.

As a Security Architect, you can use your knowledge to maintain secured computer systems, as well as, stave off potential hackers. You will need to know the tactics used by criminals to infiltrate and compromise our safety. The median salary for this position is $120,091 annually.

If research is your first love, an online Doctor of Cybersecurity degree is a must. It is also useful in executive-level management positions. In addition to the variety of positions available, each one can be pertinent to all types of businesses. Government agencies, banks and financial institutions, as well as, healthcare providers and large firms all have a need for well-qualified, trained professionals who specialize in the field of cybersecurity.

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, why not consider developing your own cybersecurity consulting firm? In this capacity, you can offer your services to many different organizations. And… you can work your own hours and be your own boss!

Due to the increase in the need for cybersecurity, comes the need also for university faculty who are qualified to train others in this important field. The typical salary for this position ranges from between $66,010 to $174,540, although this can greatly vary depending a number of factors.

Although most positions in cybersecurity can be fulfilled by bachelor degree holders, your commitment and completion of an online doctorate degree in cybersecurity will up your game, no doubt. You can receive the prestigious accolade, earn the promotion you deserve, increase your pay and have the self-satisfaction of a job well done.

If you are interested in this field, please see our choices for the Best Online Doctor of Cybersecurity Degree Programs. Good luck!