In your present position, as someone in the medical field, you may eventually be interested in earning an online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. Perhaps you are ready to advance in your career into a management, teaching or a research position.

Do you feel you have more to give to your community, either through patient care or through medical research? Or, perhaps today’s healthcare reform is of interest to you. Would you like to see some changes in policy? In any position, your DNP degree will allow you to advocate for your cause. Let’s look at a few options you may want to consider.

If you choose to continue with one-on-one patient interaction, becoming a nurse practitioner may be an option for you. Nurse practitioners earn between $125,900 to upwards of $208,080 annually, therefore, earning your online DNP degree can increase your paycheck considerably. In addition to patient care, you can use your training in many other areas in the medical field, such as, acting as a liaison between the patient and health care policies.

Others may choose to be a head nurse executive in a clinic or hospital setting. In this position, your duties may entail educating patients, as well as, the public on health-related issues, the management of other nurses and staff, in addition to, assisting in the development of healthcare policies and procedures within your hospital or clinic. You may also be asked to be a leader in a patient’s short term or long-term health care plan. You may also be expected to conduct research on various policies to implement better options. In this capacity, you can expect to earn between $64,100 to $209,990 per year, with an average of $104,838 annually, depending on location and experience.

One of the highest paid professions within nursing is that of the nurse anesthetist. They administer the necessary amount of drugs to patients undergoing surgery, whether it is a local anesthetic or enough to put them to sleep throughout the procedure. They must monitor each patient for allergic reactions or any other type of difficulty. A nurse anesthetist can earn up to $227,160 annually, with an average of $205,770 per year.

With your online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, you may also choose to strictly study medical practices and how it relates to healthcare rules and regulations. As a healthcare policy advocate, you may often be required to speak in the presence of lawmakers and politicians to plead your case. As you identify problems in the healthcare system or perhaps in the study of new drugs and their side effects, you will be expected to find solutions to solve these issues. Policy advocates earn approximately $57,325 to $75,000 per year.

A healthcare manager’s position often requires someone with medical experience. They oversee the running of a facility, such as a clinic or hospital, to see that they run smoothly and efficiently. They handle administrative concerns, as well as, work closely with staff and patients to ensure a quality workplace environment and quality healthcare for every patient. As a healthcare facility manager, you can earn $98,350 to $144,000 annually, with a doctorate degree.

If you would like to be a nurse educator or researcher, a PhD, instead of a DNP, would be the preferred degree for you. If you would like to learn more about this field, please see our Best Online Schools for Doctor of Nursing Practice degree programs.