Your online Doctor of Psychology degree can provide you with a wide array of career possibilities, however, the most obvious, a clinical psychologist, is the most popular. At this point, you have two options. First, you may want to begin your career working for a healthcare facility, hospital or school. In this setting, you will work closely with others, such as physicians, social workers or teachers. The average salary for a psychologist in a clinical setting is $85,330 per year.

Secondly, perhaps you would like to work independently, consulting with clients or working with patients on your own terms. A private practice psychologist is considered one of the highest paid positions in psychology. Typically, they have several years of experience and have built up a clientele, therefore, they can expect to earn upwards of $150,000 per year. A private practice psychologist will often work out of their home office and provides assistance after hours and weekends, as needed.

If you are interested in a management position, the administrative hospital psychologist will oversee other psychologists, often in a hospital setting. They, most likely, have worked their way up within the organization to be considered for this position. The average salary for an administrative hospital psychologist is approximately $101,330 annually, depending on experience, job location and size of department.

If you have an interest in law, as well as an interest in psychology, you should consider combining the two professions. In forensic psychology, you will be tasked with assessing the criminal’s mind and behavior. In this setting, psychologists are often self-employed and work as consultants for police departments, insurance companies, law firms or hospitals. They are often called on to testify in court regarding a patient’s mental condition. Generally, the typical salary of a forensic psychologist is $79,139 per year.

The counseling psychologist earns approximately $90,130 annually, while helping individuals improve their daily lives. As we all have difficulties in life, some need assistance in functioning with specific complexities. A counseling psychologist will devise a plan of continuous care, if needed.

Christian psychologists combine theology and psychology by providing counseling while adhering to Christian beliefs. In this specialization, the mind is thought of as spiritual, as well as, psychological. Positions within this realm can earn approximately $48,000 per year and often advise on matters involving marriage, family, addiction or in youth counseling.

With your online Doctor of Psychology degree, you may choose to assist military veterans and their families. A military psychologist earns approximately $80,000 annually. As we truly appreciate their military service and the sacrifice that our soldiers make, reality often leaves them and their families emotionally or physically traumatized. Often military psychologist specialize in PTSD and related issues.

School psychologists are a very integral part of the school system. They provide encouragement to all children, as well as, assess a child’s psychological development. They help students with the challenges they face every day, such as, bullying, peer pressure and perhaps, a difficult home life. School psychologist earn approximately $81,500 per year, depending on experience and size of school they serve.

The engineering psychologist earns $139,200 per year and the industrial – organizational psychologist earns approximately $103,000 annually. While these careers are similar, the engineering psychologist studies the interaction between the worker and the machinery they use. The main goal, in this application, examines efficiency, profits and addresses safety issues. The industrial – organizational psychologist focuses on products and productivity. They research and resolve issues relating to management and the well-being of the employee.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can utilize your online Doctorate degree in Psychology. If you have a true desire to help others, a career in psychology can be very rewarding as you meet new people every day from all walks of life. Please check out our list of the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Psychology degree programs.