Are you interested in broadening your criminal justice career? After a while, many professionals hope to expand their knowledge and skills and explore their career options within their chosen field. If you decide to earn an online Doctor of Criminal Justice degree, you can expect to reach upper management in law enforcement and other related fields, in addition to, becoming a university professor or one who conducts scholarly research.

What’s your first step? Do you have your prerequisites in place? Most doctoral programs require that prospective students own a master’s degree in criminal justice or a related subject, have acceptable GRE scores, in addition to, providing your previous school’s transcripts. Typically, you will also need at least three letters of recommendation and perhaps a personal statement articulating your goals and inspiration for earning your doctorate degree. As most students at this point have appropriate work experience (usually at least five years), you will need to submit a current resumé, as well. Entrance into some online doctorate degree programs can be competitive, so, do your best to provide accurate and relevant information upfront and meet all required deadlines.

Next, most would agree that your choice of schools is an important component to any educational experience. An online option for a Doctor of Criminal Justice degree is very, very rare, although, you may find one that is considered “hybrid,” therefore, allowing you to complete a majority of your coursework online, however, there will be on-campus requirements, as well. You will want to be sure your chosen school is an accredited one. Depending on your program and time-management, you can expect to spend between two to five years earning your doctorate degree.

Through your online Doctorate program in Criminal Justice, you will work to improve your knowledge in criminology, the legal system, forensic science and in law enforcement. You will learn how to sharpen your critical-thinking skills, research skills, and especially, your writing skills. A dissertation on your chosen topic will also be expected for graduation.

Typical coursework in a criminal justice doctorate degree program may include topics such as, criminal psychology, trend analysis, justice, security and democracy, criminal justice policies and practice, ethnicity and crime, theories of justice, urban management, in addition to, toxicology, public policy, research methodology, interventions, advanced statistical analysis and ethics.

All careers in criminal justice are meant to protect the innocent. Whether you are interested in teaching others or using your talents on the frontlines as an FBI agent or criminal investigator, you will be rewarded with the personal satisfaction of knowing that you have served the public in a positive way.

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