Will earning an online Doctor of Counseling degree really help your career? Everybody goes through the doubts and wonders about earning a doctorate degree. Is it worth the time and expense?  At this point, you probably know what direction your career is heading, however, if you would like to pursue a career in academics or research, a doctorate degree will be necessary.

Typically, your online Doctor of Counseling degree program will open many doors for you. If you are interested in the clinical aspect of counseling, your degree will make you exceptionally marketable in today’s workforce pool. Employers appreciate employees who have shown the dedication, time and effort put forth in earning a doctorate degree. It says a lot about who you are, your perseverance and devotion, as well as, your love for a profession that is focused on helping others; all qualities that an employer looks for, no doubt.

And, who doesn’t have bills to pay? Most families have a car payment and an obligation to a monthly mortgage or rent payment. Those who are thinking of earning an online Doctor of Counseling degree must think about the cost of the program. Will it be worth it in the long run? Will my new salary compensate me enough to warrant the cost of a doctorate degree program? This is where extensive research on your part comes into play. Various fields of counseling pay more than others. Depending on your specialization, credentials and years of experience, one can assume that with a doctorate degree, you can expect a fatter paycheck. However, you will need to consider the time and money spent on your program to see if it is a good investment for you. Sometimes, earning a prestigious degree like a doctorate degree is not about the money. But, sometimes it is.

Do you have a desire to change lives through your work? Perhaps the biggest benefit of earning your online Doctor of Counseling degree is the people that you will help. Counselors are found in every aspect of our society, whether it is in a school setting, medical clinic or within your local law enforcement facility. Often, counselors save lives, or at the very least, they are committed to improving the lives of others; an invaluable position to be in and what a privilege it is!

As you are dedicated to helping others, you will also help yourself. Earning a doctorate degree can sometimes take six to seven years to complete. Can you imagine the feeling of fulfilling a dream as prestigious as receiving the title of “Doctor” before your name? Many doctorate degree holders state that the personal satisfaction of earning your doctorate degree is worth more than the money you may or may not earn. Upon graduation, you will be proud of your accomplishments and hard work, just as others will be proud of you, as well.

So, give it some careful consideration. Weigh the good with the bad, however, most importantly, think of the opportunities you will have to be most helpful to others. If you are interested in this field, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Counseling degree programs that we have compiled for your consideration.