If you are thinking about going back to school to earn that distinguished doctorate degree in computer science, there are several points you will want to consider. Let’s face it, our lives today get pretty hectic while working a full-time job and playing taxi cab driver for the neighborhood kids. Birthday parties, soccer games and swim lessons and the like are important events that bond families and friends together… but also require your attention. At this point in your life, you must ask yourself if you really have the time and dedication required to follow through in a doctorate degree program to completion… And, is it worth it?

Earning an online Doctor of Computer Science degree is a huge commitment. Typically, it will take you about four to six years (sometimes seven) to complete. While also working in an established career, will you have the time to invest?

In addition, as you consider the most convenient and flexible way to earn your degree, an online format typically comes to mind. Finding an online school who offers a doctorate degree in computer science will be challenging, although, some schools offer hybrid programs. You will be able to do some of your coursework online, however, due to the demands of research and required seminars, you will need to plan on-campus visits. Interactive collaboration with fellow students, as well as, the need to use advanced equipment requires a classroom setting. When choosing an online accredited program, make sure you can easily attend in person when required. Will your budget allow for travel, if needed?

A Doctor of Computer Science degree is generally needed for work as a postsecondary instructor or a researcher. Is this the path in which you would like to continue? This degree is research-oriented and will focus on solving problems in the field of computer science. Your chosen focus will most likely be the subject of your dissertation.

By the way, are you prepared to spend the time and concentration needed to complete a dissertation? Your advanced research will delve into specific challenges in today’s world of computer science. You will be expected to present and defend your project in front of a dissertation committee. It should be an original project that will contribute new knowledge to the field, in addition to, showing your proficiency, as well.

Will the cost of an online Doctor of Computer Science be a good investment? Will you see a return on your money spent? Well, that is hard to predict. In some instances, a doctorate degree will increase your salary substantially. A career in Computer and Information Research Science with a master’s degree will typically pay approximately $136,620 annually, however, with a doctorate degree, the salary increases to upwards of $232,100 annually. In most cases, your salary will increase, but perhaps just as important, is the personal satisfaction and distinguished title. Is that enough for you if there is no salary increase? At any rate, with a doctorate degree, you will have more job opportunities to choose from, no doubt.

So, will it be worth it? Absolutely… if you have the time, energy and determination to follow through and especially, if you would like to become a tenured professor, for in that position a Ph.D. is a requirement. If you are a computer scientist who would like to start their own business, a doctorate degree is a good idea. Many research labs require Ph.D. credentials, as well. If you have an online Doctor of Computer Science degree, you will have more creative input, more freedom to design and the privilege of inspiring others, too. The opportunity to change or contribute to tomorrow’s technological advances is something that not everyone can do.

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