Social work… it’s a profession that dates back over 100 years, as many were asked to assist in the times of war. Veterans who had been traumatized by the horrific effects of war needed people to talk to, to ease their suffering and to help them adjust after coming home. As the effects of war are still relevant topics that plague our soldiers of today, we also depend on social workers to help other groups of people, such as our children, the poverty-stricken and, of course, our elderly.

Social workers can be found in most schools, government agencies, public health and mental health facilities, as well as, in non-profit organizations and in the field of law enforcement. They can also be found in shelters, correctional facilities, charities, religious organizations and other community agencies.

But, how will earning your doctorate degree in the field of social work help your career? At this point, you have already earned you bachelor’s degree and hopefully, you master’s degree as well. Through hard work and dedication, you have the drive to continue your education, no doubt. An online Doctor of Social Work degree will help you develop additional competencies and an advanced comprehension in the field, particularly in a specialization.

Today, the higher your education, the more respect and consideration you can gain from other healthcare professionals, such as psychologists and other mental healthcare specialists. As you are credible in your research findings, you will play a crucial role in changing the lives of many through your hard work and proven research.

You may elect to become a clinician or take on administrative and supervisory duties. As a clinician, you can competently diagnose and treat individuals with mental disorders, as you focus on the role of human behavior in the social setting. If you are interested in teaching social work at the university level, your doctorate degree will certainly be a necessity.

In addition, if you are interested in conducting your own research, your online Doctor of Social Work degree will be most beneficial. In this capacity, you can often have your findings published in journals or speak at conferences. If just finding solutions to your own client’s problems are helpful, then earning your doctorate degree to help you aid in research is also ideal.

Perhaps, you would like to open your own practice. Decide where your strengths are and what sort of clientele you would like to focus on. In addition, you may want to consider earning a degree in psychotherapy or counseling, as well. Please check your state’s regulations for licensing requirements.

Don’t forget that your degree, most likely, will add to your bank account. As in most professions, as you complete your online Doctor of Social Work degree program, your employer will be most appreciative, and you should expect an increase in salary.

And, what about that prestigious title of “Doctor?” In today’s world of instant gratification, most individuals are content with getting the minimum degree required to pursue a certain profession. Very few have the initiative to pursue the distinguished accolade, however, you can do it… and you should! Without a doubt, earning your doctorate degree in social work will open many doors for you.

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