A doctoral level degree in education represents a commitment and passion toward schooling, academic study, and research well-beyond most individuals. This area requires extreme dedication, as it involves a challenging amount of work and responsibility. Graduates of this type of program go on to advance their career paths in many different areas, such as K-12 schools and higher education systems, private firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and more, as there is no end to the benefits of a professional who is well-versed in learning techniques and platforms as they apply to different disciplines.

This academic pursuit involves two areas of study: a PhD and an EdD. The Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) prepares individuals to further extend their knowledge and stance as a professor in whatever area they may strive for. A Doctorate in Education (EdD) is more focused on administrative and research focused roles within a school system. In this way, a doctoral degree vastly improves one’s standing, reputation, and abilities within each area of the discipline, as there are a plethora of crucial concentrations.

Now let’s discuss how a doctoral degree will help advance your career in education! This level of learning enhances your understanding of pivotal techniques and methods which you can employ to instill a more rewarding and productive experience for your students, whomever they may be. Coursework involves the highest tier of understanding the various approaches to designing a curriculum and employing various practices to ensure a quality experience. These graduates have an incredibly sound understanding of educational approaches and can execute them successfully, as a doctoral degree utilizes one’s life and professional experiences to break through to the highest level of comprehension.

A doctoral level degree will also vastly improves your pay grade and reputation within the academic industry. When applying to various positions of employment as a teacher, dean, superintendent, researcher, analyst, etc., you can expect to receive a lucrative, comfortable, and well-deserved wage. Mostly, a doctoral degree in education depends on what kind of career a person wants to pursue. In the school system, colleges and universities yearn for individuals with a doctorate or PhD that can apply the same tenacity and determination exhibited in receiving their degree. It shows employers that you are highly dedicated to your goals and willing to go the extra mile for knowledge and understanding of the area.

These individuals are highly intelligent and very capable in both running a classroom, and maintaining the complexities within a school system itself. Through your doctoral degree, you learn to become leaders in the education industry, as well as marvelous team players who can work well with others to run an efficient academic/educational-based system. It is supremely beneficial in many ways concerning their employ-ability and level of responsibility, and it is a cherished and very respected professional goal that will not go unnoticed.

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