Deciding to pursue a doctoral-level degree in education is an incredibly important decision in a professor’s or an administrative professional’s life. A program of this nature will take your career to an entirely new level of responsibility, capability, and understanding of learning and the school system itself.

Earning this type of degree online is very possible, and there are many different programs that offer a Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.) or a Doctorate in Education (EdD) that can be completed at a distance. Aside from further certifications and specializations, there is no higher level of learning than a doctoral degree, and it will take individuals to new heights within their careers.

To answer your question, let’s review the necessary steps involved in earning a doctoral degree in education. In order to be accepted into this type of online program, students must have completed a master’s program with a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0, and sometimes 3.5 from schools with a particularly high standard of excellence.

Most every program will require students to have around 3-5 years of experience in the industry prior to applying, as the curriculum will build on previously learned knowledge.

Most online programs can be completed entirely at a distance, but it is important to take note if a degree requires you to attend a weekend class, workshop, or orientation at some point. Typically though, it is easy to find programs that are 100% online, particularly if you look at our list of the Best Online Doctoral Degrees in Education Programs.

There are most often real-world elements of a program (courses and internships) that can be set up and completed within your own community, and there is initiative required on behalf of the student to maintain this process.

It is important to distinguish that a Ph.D. and an EdD will typically send students on different career paths. A Ph.D. is research and teaching-focused, and these professionals learn how to analyze and teach their area of study with more shrewdness. The EdD allows individuals to teach, but is also more administrative focused, allowing graduates to enter into positions that require a stronger grasp of manipulating the school and organizational system in a positive way.

Coursework will involve study in a huge variety of areas, such as curriculum and instruction, professional research, educational leadership, qualitative methods, organizational change, and other highly advanced classes. Most schools also offer concentration options as well. This allows students to focus their degrees in very particular ways that conform most strongly with their goals.

You will learn how to design and execute successful learning plans and complete complex administrative tasks that keep educational systems functioning the world over.

This difficult coursework requires determination and focus and is often completed alongside a full-time teaching career. The curricula will shape your previous knowledge and instill valuable skills that allow you to move higher up in the industry and achieve more impressive and fulfilling titles with a higher pay grade.

Upon exiting your program of choice, you will be able to achieve the pentacle positions of employment in organizations and school systems everywhere.

We’ve compiled a list of the Best Online Doctoral Degrees in Education Programs for you to peruse!