Congratulations to you if you are thinking about earning an online Doctor of Computer Science degree. The process is not for the faint of heart, as it can be time consuming, costly and rigorous. But, just keep your eye on the prize. You will own the distinguished credentials and title, as well as, have a sense of accomplishment that few people experience.

But how do you get started? First, choose an accredited and reputable online school. Before signing on, check the requirements for residency work. Most doctorate programs in computer science are considered to be in a hybrid format, therefore, requiring you to attend on-campus classes and seminars, conduct research and focus on your dissertation, which will be closely supervised by a thesis advisor. You will want to choose a program that is within close proximity to your home base.

Prerequisites are important. In general, most doctorate degree seekers have followed the traditional educational path, which is to have earned a bachelor’s and then master’s degree with an average GPA of 3.0 or above. Of course, this is the recommended route and, typically, the general requirements to apply for entrance into most doctorate degree programs. In addition, most schools will require other documents such as, previous school transcripts, letters of recommendation from colleagues or previous professors, your GRE standardized test scores, in addition to, your professional resumé. Most likely, a doctorate program will also want to see a sampling of your writing. Often, this subject matter is based on your interest in computer science, for they would like to know what your end goals are and what you expect from a doctorate degree program.

An online Doctor of Computer Science degree program will require very few hours of actual online coursework. As previously mentioned, a majority of your time will be spent in a residency. As this degree is a research-oriented degree, you will spend most of your time investigating and implementing solutions for today’s challenges in the field of computer science. As your doctorate program may take up to six years or more to complete, a huge amount of your time will be spent on your original research and dissertation.

Although on-campus attendance is required to use advance equipment for projects, online classes may include Algorithm Analysis, Applied Logic, Database Technologies, Computer System Architecture, Research Methodology, Formal Computing Languages, Numerical Analysis and Software Systems. You will also study Performance Modeling and Animation, Programming Languages and Web Application Development and perhaps, Computational Geometry, Artificial Intelligence, among others.

After the completion of the first year or two of your online Doctorate degree program in Computer Science, you will be expected to pass a comprehensive exam. This exam will test your knowledge and skills learned thus far in the program and will determine if you are ready to continue with the dissertation process. The exam may include a written, oral and practical component, depending on your school’s requirements. Typically, another final exam will be administered at the completion of your dissertation. You will need to pass both examinations to receive your degree.

Perhaps the most grueling part of earning a doctorate degree is the dissertation process. It will be time consuming and rigorous, although, very rewarding. You will be expected to conduct original research on a topic that has not been explored before. Your advisor will guide you and approve your project, however, after you have compiled your studies, you will need to be prepared to defend your case in front of a dissertation committee. In addition, your work may be published for others to enjoy.

As technology continues to evolve, the need for well-qualified professionals trained in the field of computer science is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition, there will always be a need for qualified teachers and researchers, as well. Your online Doctor of Computer Science degree will allow for many job opportunities and is one of the main reasons why you should consider a career in tech industry.

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