With a background in psychology, you may be interested in advancing in your career or perhaps, making a career change. Earning your online Doctor of Psychology degree can open many doors for you, as this degree field can be useful in a variety of career choices in the private or public sector. In most instances, earning your doctorate degree will allow for a better salary and give you the confidence you need to obtain the position you want.

Earning your Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree can be a lengthy process, typically, taking at least four years to complete your coursework and then one year to complete an internship as you further your education on human behavior. As a psychologist, you may choose to open your own practice or work as a counselor in some other capacity, such as a school psychologist, within rehabilitation centers or hospitals, or in a college or university setting conducting research.

Through an online Doctor of Psychology program, you will be prepared to obtain your state licensure, as required by your state’s regulations. Generally, online programs at the doctorate level may be offered as blended or hybrid programs. This simply means that as you complete your coursework online, you will be required to complete practicum, internships and residencies in person, while working under a licensed psychologist.

In addition, you may choose to earn your degree with a specialization in certain topics. For example, perhaps your true passion lies within the area of clinical health psychology, industrial or organizational leadership, business leadership, human factors psychology, sports and performance psychology, social, developmental or school psychology, forensic psychology, clinical child psychology or non-profit management.  You will have the opportunity to concentrate your efforts on individuals that you feel you can help the most.

Online classes provide a convenient and flexible option to students who are working full-time jobs and have a busy home life. While online, you can access your coursework at any time and from anywhere that you have a high-speed Internet connection. You can turn in your assignments, attend lectures and converse with fellow students or professors through discussion and message boards. You may also be asked to obtain video conferencing software, microphones and web cameras. To enter a doctorate program, most online schools require a master’s degree as a prerequisite. Be sure to attend an accredited program approved by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Through an online Doctor of Psychology degree program, you can enjoy coursework pursuant to the doctoral level of academics. Classes may include psychopathology, social behaviors, how to conduct behavioral assessments, personality theory, psychopharmacology, history of psychology, emotions and motivations, psychological research techniques, psychotherapeutic techniques, biology psychology, group therapy techniques, cognitive psychology and social psychology, just to name a few. The majority of coursework involved in earning an online Doctor of Psychology degree will focus on clinical training.

Most likely, after completing your program, a dissertation will be required. You can complete your research and decide on a focus under the supervision of an advisor. You will be tasked with identifying a problem issue related to today’s society and needs, while offering an original solution to the problem. In addition to writing your dissertation, you will also need to be prepared to defend it orally to your professors or advisors.

If you are interested in the field of human behavior, perhaps you would like to check out our choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Psychology degree programs to help you in your endeavors.