Our lives today are so busy, therefore, how does one further their education when so many responsibilities are hanging over our heads? As convenience and flexibility are imperative, most people turn to online distance learning programs to assist them in balancing everyday life with their interest in either furthering their current career or perhaps the possibility of changing careers.

An online Doctor of Public Policy/Administration degree program might be hard to find, at least one that is 100% online. But, don’t be discouraged. Some schools offer hybrid programs. Hybrid programs are designed to assist students who already may be working a full-time job or simply can not attend a college campus’ schedule demands. In an online hybrid program, a majority of your coursework can be completed through online classes, although, some of your work may require you to spend at least some of your time in a clinical residency setting or by attending seminars in person. If you are interested in this learning format, you will most assuredly need to inquire about the program’s specifications before signing on. Often, students can enroll in an online school that is relatively close to their home to attend on-campus residencies. And, even if you are not nearby to their campus, often schools can work with other facilities to help you fulfill your program requirements.

So, by earning your online Doctor of Public Policy/Administration degree, do you have an area of focus you would like to pursue? Would you like to become a university professor to teach public administration, do extensive research or do you have your sights on a leadership position in the public sector? Generally, the preferred degree for a research or scholarly degree is a PhD in Public Administration, however, the Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) degree program is designed for those who wish to pursue a more hands-on career. In this capacity, you will have the awesome opportunity of making a real difference in your community.

You will be expected to solve real-life, real-world problems that plague today’s society in hopes of making life easier for families, the disadvantaged, those with physical or mental illness or perhaps, the elderly. Such issues may involve climate changes within our environment, hunger and our food supply, guarding against terrorism, perfecting our public transportation systems or improving our educational system for future generations.

Typically, through a DPA online program, you will be asked to choose an area of concentration that you would like to pursue. As you consider your interests and follow your passions, you can choose a specialization that suits you, such as in the areas of law, politics, community planning or business, among many others.  Choose a concentration that you think will help you help others the most.

Within your online Doctor of Public Policy/Administration program, you may study topics such as, public needs planning and assessment, governmental management, leadership theories, public policy analysis, program evaluations, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, statistical analysis and cultural policy. You will delve deeper into micro and macroeconomics, planning and zoning, unemployment, budgeting, healthcare, in addition to, spending your time preparing your dissertation. You will also learn valuable techniques for effective management.

To enter a doctorate program, most schools would prefer that you have already earned your master’s degree. You may also be asked to submit your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores and letters of recommendation to be accepted into a doctorate program. Previous work experience within a related field is also helpful for acceptance.

If you would like to participate in changing our world through your efforts, please consider entering an online hybrid doctorate program. A graduate degree in this field is truly gratifying and worth the hard work. Please see our choices for the Best Online Doctoral Degree in Public Policy/Administration programs.