Are you curious about what opportunities will be available to you after you earn your online Doctor of Criminal Justice degree? Of course, you are, however, you may want to ask yourself a few questions to evaluate which path will be the best for you before you begin a doctorate program.

What is your end goal? Would you like to work in research? As an educator? Or, would you like to work out in the frontlines working on cases? Perhaps, a managerial or administrative position would be your cup of tea? With your distinguished degree and training, you can pursue any type of career path you are interested in. All are dedicated to the safety of our society and play an integral part in protecting the public.

Law enforcement is typically the most common profession to pursue when one thinks of criminal justice, although, catching the bad guys is just one aspect of this important job. If you would like to remain in law enforcement, most who pursue their online Doctor of Criminal Justice degree can qualify for several positions within a police department. One option is to move into an administrative role such as the chief of police. Overseeing other police officers and investigators is a huge responsibility, however, depending on your experience and size of your department, one can expect to earn an average of $41,000 to $69,000 per year, with the top ten percent earning upwards $109,000 annually. The average salary for an investigator is comparable.

As a forensics investigator, you will help criminal investigators collect evidence from a crime scene, take it to a lab for analysis, reconstruct crime scenes, as well as, perform DNA and toxicology testing to connect criminals to unsolved crimes. They work closely with criminal investigators and the police. Typically, a position as a forensics investigator pays a median annual salary of $57,850, as of May 2017, however, the highest paid ten percent earned upwards of $95,600 or more.

If you would prefer an academic career, earning your online PhD or Doctor of Criminal Justice degree is an excellent choice. Your accolade will allow you to teach about criminology at the university level. As the need for personnel in the criminal justice field increases, so does the need for qualified educators. As of May 2022, post-secondary criminal justice and law enforcement teachers made an average of $78,980 annually, according to the BLS, although, salaries vary greatly depending on experience and job location.

Researchers within the field of criminal justice have a variety of responsibilities or specializations to consider. In this position, you may choose to research issues pertaining to a criminal psychological profiles, computer and cybersecurity issues or better ways to conduct DNA testing. You may also analyze better methods of gathering forensic information.

In today’s world, security is a key component to our day-to-day safety. We all like to feel safe as we go to shopping malls, have fun at an amusement parks, attend outdoor events or hike at our state parks and the like. Private security is becoming more and more prevalent today and is a $200 billion industry in the U.S. Our government is beginning to work with private security and consulting agencies to offer the protection that we need and deserve. In this capacity, you can work as a database administrator, a cybersecurity analyst or as a private security consultant.

With your doctorate degree, you will find that many doors will open for you as you invest in your future. The time earning your degree will show true dedication to your craft and the knowledge and skills gained will prove to be invaluable in whichever career path you choose. Please see our list of the Colleges That Offer Online Doctor of Criminal Justice Degree Programs if you are interested in this field.