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Ph.D.’s That Pay: The Highest-Paying Doctoral Degrees in 2018-2019

Generally speaking, gaining more years of higher education is almost always good for your earnings potential. Despite stories of candidates being “overqualified” for job openings, or potential employers passing over applicants with “useless” degrees, Ph.D. holders have the lowest average unemployment rate of any level of educational attainment. Short of professional degrees (which include Doctors of Medicine and Juris Doctors, or lawyers), Ph.D.’s also earn the most over their lifetime when compared to other degree types.


Real Struggles Only a Ph.D. Student Would Understand

struggles of a phd student

Life as a graduate student is never easy. Sure, your numerous accolades are, to many, achievements of a lifetime. Your advisers and peers look up to you in awe and assume all your hardships will all be worth it. “What a future success you must be!” is most likely in the minds of complete strangers. They look up to you for your persistence and hard work. To them, it’s respectable and admirable that you are able to balance school, keep your job, and meet family obligations–all while pursuing that coveted Ph.D.


9 Awe-Inspiring Celebrities Who Are Ph.D. Holders

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What is the motivation behind deciding for a doctorate degree? Does it quench an insatiable thirst for knowledge? Is the prospect of financial gain for Ph.D. holders too attractive to ignore? Or is it the prestige that comes with being one of society’s intellectual elites?

To many of us, the quest for a Ph.D. degree might sound a little strange, ambitious even. Completing an undergraduate degree is challenging enough but earning a Ph.D. is on a whole different level. It is exceptionally difficult and demanding. It requires stamina, discipline, and strong will; lest it breaks you. But the truth is, some people are cut out for the life of a doctorate degree holder. They find joy in giving up the comfort of normal work hours.


25 of America’s Most Popular Doctorate Degrees

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The United States is home to some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities offering various top-quality doctorate degrees. Earning a doctorate leads to a more successful career in practically all fields. Be it in the academic, research, or business arena, a Ph.D. degree holder can expect higher lifetime earnings than those who hold master’s or bachelor’s degrees.


The World’s Richest Doctors and Their Net Worth

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A Doctorate degree can lead you to become part of a billion-dollar industry. Unlike many of today’s young people who make big bucks early on in their laid-back lives, Ph.D. holders rake in much more by wealth throughout their lives by taking the road less traveled, that is, earning a Ph.D. degree.

Highly educated as they are, doctorate degree holders exude an air of confidence and dominance. They may be inherently elitist too, considering the many years of isolation they spend perfecting their dissertation. Often too focused and determined for their own good, Ph.D. holders are reputed to be snobs who can’t stand small talk. But they know that even with all its challenges, earning a Ph.D. raises their chances of making it big in their chosen field, and apparently, even beyond.


Ph.D. Programs That Require Residencies

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A Ph.D. residency requirement refers to a number of credits that must be completed at the institution where you are getting your degree. Generally, there is an in-person component to a residency requirement. Some degree programs allow students to determine the timing of the residency sessions. Others structure the sessions intermittently throughout the program in order to build upon the concepts that the student is learning.


Academic Conferences: Why Ph.D. Students Should Attend Them

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For new and continuing PhD students questions often arise about Academic Conferences. Just what is an academic conference? Why should I attend such a gathering? With so many researchers, professionals, scholars, leading academics, and fellow students, along with a plethora of presentations, sessions and topics, the very environment of an academic conference can feel overwhelming. Obstacles such as travel expense, time commitment, lodging and registration costs along with other considerations can arise between you and an academic conference.


The World’s Most Unusual Ph.D.s and Doctorate Degrees

unusual phd and doctorates


Earning a Ph.D. is a process in itself and not an easy one at that! But because graduate students are fueled by the desire to advance human knowledge, they carry on until they reap the rewards of their hard work. Earning a Ph.D. gives you the obvious advantage both in your personal and professional life. Also, it offers you that incredible sense of fulfillment and, even as you don’t demand it, you command respect in your field of specialization. For all the right reasons, this academic road less traveled is your golden ticket to a lucrative career.