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Ph.D.’s That Pay: The Highest-Paying Doctoral Degrees

If you decide to go to the expense and dedication of earning your Ph.D., naturally, you want to be assured of a good return on your money. This list of top-paying Ph.D. programs will help you decide if the potential income will outweigh the costs. Furthermore, there are also other factors to consider. Here, we outline the possibilities when thinking about earning this distinguished degree! 


Real Struggles Only a Ph.D. Student Would Understand

struggles of a phd student

“Earning a graduate degree is easy”… said no one EVER! It takes time, dedication, and often is a very expensive endeavor. But, you shouldn’t let hard work deter you. And, personal satisfaction is what will keep you going! Check out this article entitled, “Real Struggles Only a Ph.D. Student Would Understand,” for some insight into what’s to come. But again, don’t be discouraged! Power through!


9 Awe-Inspiring Celebrities Who Are Ph.D. Holders

celebrity phd holders

More often than not, we look to celebrities for pure entertainment, not for their academic accomplishments. Without a doubt, those that do earn their Ph.D. while maintaining their career deserves our admiration. This list of distinguished entertainers may just give you the encouragement you need as well. Go ahead, take a look… just for fun! 


25 of America’s Most Popular Doctorate Degrees

most popular phd degrees

Choosing the right Ph.D. program for you is important. The United States offers the best of the best, as students from all over the world are happy to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available. If you think earning a doctoral degree is for you, check out our list of America’s top 25 popular Ph.D. programs and get started today!


The World’s Richest Doctors and Their Net Worth

worlds richest doctors

It’s no surprise that earning a doctorate degree in the field of healthcare can line your pockets very lucratively. If this is your jam and you’d like a little inspiration, check out this list of the world’s richest doctors. When you combine your academic skills with entrepreneurship… there’s no limit to what you can accomplish, as well as the people you can help!


Ph.D. Programs That Require Residencies

phd residencies

Earning a Ph.D. involves more than extensive reading, writing, and research. Often a residency is required for graduation. Check out this important resource article to learn all about what you can expect! Be prepared up front and familiar with expectations, especially if you are considering an online distance learning Ph.D. program! 


Academic Conferences: Why Ph.D. Students Should Attend Them

academic conferences phd

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of earning a Ph.D. will be attending academic conferences. If you enjoy listening to experts and new ideas, academic conferences are an excellent way to be involved with like-minded (or not) individuals, or, at the very least, communicating with people who are interested in the same topic as you! Read this to find out what you need to know!


The World’s Most Unusual Ph.D.s and Doctorate Degrees

unusual phd and doctorates


Doctorate degrees come in all sorts of varieties! Just as you think “Surely, there’s not a Ph.D. degree in Puppetry!” – Well, think again. This list is a fun read and… perhaps you will find an unusual degree program that will fit your personality. Take a look!