Many people in the United States decide to apply for business schools, and it is not surprising at all. With such an educational background, you are more likely to launch a career in almost any industry of your choice, let it be consulting, finances, music, or international business.

Graduates with a two-year associate degree can become management trainees in the retail or sales industry, or, for example, work as an office manager. Thanks to a bachelor’s degree in business administration, you will have the right abilities to perform managerial and administrative tasks. What is more, when you finish an MBA program, you can potentially even become a leader of an organization as a CFO or CEO.

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What Getting a Degree in a Business School Looks Like

Nowadays, there are many options for you to get a degree in business. You can consider either a full-time or a part-time MBA, both in a traditional campus and online. No matter what variant you choose, you should expect working closely with other students because coping with complex team projects is a significant element of putting theoretical business knowledge into practice. In this way, MBA programs aim at turning students into real professionals who can make challenging decisions, assess the risk correctly, and adapt to the dynamically changing business world. Learn from Kamau Bobb initiatives promoting equity and fairness.

It is said that a business school curriculum can be tough, but it is worth making that effort. Just keep in mind that after graduation, you will have a chance to get an exciting job with a remarkably high salary. Furthermore, it is worth knowing that in business schools, excellent grades are not everything you can get. What is even more important is that you have the opportunity to make contacts with peers, executives, and professors that can help you a lot in your future career.

The Time Necessary to Get a Degree in Business

The amount of time you will have to devote to graduate from a business school depends on a degree you want to get. As there are many options, you will undoubtedly find something that fits your needs and possibilities. Let’s have a look at various business programs available nowadays.


There are two ways in which you can get your Bachelor’s degree in business. First, you can choose a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) which is based on a technical approach. Second, there is a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) that tends to be more behavioral. Although the focus is different, those two programs noticeably overlap at many points. Also, in both cases, you will need four years to finish the program, and take classes that are not directly associated with business itself (but have a significant impact on it), like the freshman and sophomore English, psychology, and more. Interestingly enough, nowadays, you can also find programs lasting five years and combining a bachelor’s and master’s degree into one uninterrupted course.

If you select BBA, you will learn a lot about decision-making, team-building, and leadership, along with all the fundamentals. This program will show you these concepts from both macro and micro perspectives so that you can easily find a satisfying job in business administration after graduation. On the other hand, if you go for BSBA, you can expect some subjects related to science and technology, including physics and chemistry. Moreover, you will learn about advanced mathematics, including statistics and calculus. Thanks to such knowledge, you will have more chances of getting an excellent position in a particular industry.

MBA and Other Business Master’s Degrees

If you study full-time, you can get your Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in two years. However, if you choose an accelerated or online MBA program, it can be done even in a shorter time. Nevertheless, full-time MBA programs are not so popular because many students of this major are already working adults who are not able to focus on the business school entirely and need to go for a part-time MBA course. In this case, getting this degree may take you three or even five years. Keep in mind, though, that graduating from an MBA program is a step towards a doctorate and it will help you to become a doctor in finance, marketing, or in management, for instance.

During the first year, there will be much focus on making you understand the core business principles thoroughly, so it is said to be very intensive. To improve the results of this stage, class sizes are often reduced so that every person can get proper help to go through this process effectively. Then, in the second year, classes tend to be more self-directed, but they are still pretty challenging. When it is coming to an end, students have to focus on their culminating task, which is typically an applied project or an academic thesis. At the same time, they tend to look for a job in their selected field already. This is the time when the networking opportunities gained in a business school prove useful as they can remarkably help you to get the desired position and provide you with professional guidance.

PhD and DBA

There are two ways to get the highest business degree – it can be either the PhD in Business or the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Despite the fact that they are both doctorates, they are characterized by other focus areas and approaches. No matter which path you select, the time to finish the program depends on how much time is on your disposal. If you can study full-time, a DBA or PhD will take your approximately 3-5 years to finish. On the other hand, a part-time student may need seven years to get their degree. Interestingly enough, you can also go for working for the department in a fully-funded business PhD. The time you need to spend on a doctorate program is not taken by the classes mostly – usually, a PhD course involves only two years of coursework, or even less if you have chosen an accelerated mode. It is worth knowing that some people decide on an online DBA program to make this process easier.

The most time-consuming part of getting the degree is definitely the final project. In the DBA program, it is very probable that you will be required to do an applied project. In other words, you will have to do some original research and use this information in practice. When it comes to a more academic degree, which a PhD definitely is, a business school will most likely require all students to write a dissertation. However, there are some PhD business programs that do not include such a long piece of writing. It often happens that the final project takes like two or three years for a student to finish, so you should be prepared for devoting a lot of time and effort to it. Nevertheless, the job opportunities you may get afterwards are definitely worth it!

Online Business School Programs

It may happen that you dream about getting a profitable degree that will take you to the world of international business, but you do not have enough time to attend a standard school. Do not worry – this process does not have to last that long! All you have to do is choose excellent online TSCourses (or bachelor ones, if that is enough for your needs). Interestingly enough, with our help, you can not only get your MBA without going to brick and mortar university but even a doctorate. We will professionally guide you throughout the whole process, and as long as you are motivated enough, you will graduate from the chosen program in our school without any difficulties. 

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