career with a DBA

Whether you are an experienced business administrator or just beginning your educational journey, at some point, you may want to earn your online Doctor of Business Administration degree.

  • However, have you ever wondered if it is worth it?
  • Can you justify the cost of earning a doctorate degree?
  • Is the time required to complete the program worth the sacrifice?

These are all good points to consider when thinking about earning this accolade.

What careers and salaries are available to those earning an online Doctor of Business Administration degree?

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Big Earnings with a DBA

It’s true… online Doctor of Business Administration degree programs can be pricey; however, if you can swing it, those with this distinction can earn a very lucrative salary, perhaps upwards of $190,000 per year.

career with a DBA

DBA Graduates are in HIGH DEMAND

In addition, not many students continue their education to the doctorate level, therefore, when employers are looking for someone of this caliber, they find that the application pool is shallow.

With your online Doctor of Business Administration degree, you can take advantage of the demand for employees for these high-paying positions.

With a lucrative salary, however, comes much responsibility. Employers appreciate someone they can depend on to run their business for them, especially in large corporations or franchises. Expert knowledge is needed to run large conglomerates smoothly and efficiently.

With your online Doctor of Business Administration degree, you will be more than qualified and will be prepared for anything they challenge you to do. Employers will trust you to make good business decisions and be an excellent leader within the company.

You Can Be Choosy Who You Work For

Not only will you be in demand by employers, but you will also have the choice of whom you would like to share your talents with. Many positions are available to those with a doctorate degree, such as chief financial officer or operations manager. If you are interested in teaching as a career, a position as a university professor will be waiting for you.

Certifications and Memberships

career with a DBA

After you complete your online Doctor of Business Administration degree program, perhaps you would be interested in earning additional certifications. Certifications are often available in certain concentrations which will further your career.

Memberships in professional organizations are also available for doctorate degree graduates to keep you abreast of the latest trends in leadership and technology.

Through these programs, you will gain valuable friendships and networking contacts that will last you a lifetime.

Travel the World with a DBA

Earning your Doctorate degree in Business Administration may also offer you opportunities to work abroad in a foreign country. Many large conglomerates have locations in other countries; therefore, as you learn a new language, perhaps the opportunity to travel the world will present itself. There again, you can expect an increase in earnings.

DBA Length of Schooling

Generally, your doctorate program may take you three to six years to complete. For most, the time required to put into the doctorate program is worth sacrificing in the long run. Although it is a long process, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, no doubt. If nothing else, your dedication will help you meet a personal goal that few achieve.

If you are interested in this field, please see our choices for the Best Online Doctoral Degrees in Business Administration that we have compiled for your review. Good luck in your endeavors!

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