Earning your online Doctor of Business Administration degree takes a lot of hard work, dedication and it is a major expense. For most, it provides a good return on the money spent to obtain this distinguished accolade. What are a few options, you ask? Let’s look at a few careers you might want to consider.

So, depending on your interest, an online Doctorate degree in Business Administration will provide you with many career options. Would you like to teach? Or conduct research? Or, perhaps you would like to continue along the path of upper-level business management in some sort of capacity. Whichever path you choose, rest assured your doctorate degree program will prepare you in every way.

A Chief Financial Officer’s salary can range widely, depending on experience and size of company you work for. Typically, salaries can range from between $244,000 to upwards of $396,000 annually, with an average of approximately $312,000 per year. The CFO is tasked with huge responsibilities, such as assuring the company’s investments are sound, expenses are minimized, and profits are maximized. They act as financial advisors and research future business opportunities.

If you choose to specialize in organizational development, your DBA degree will be very useful in this consultant position. In this career choice, your salary will be approximately $78,800 annually. Organizational development consultants, often called industrial-organizational psychologists, are hired by corporations to asses and analyze their business practices. They interview management and employees to best determine what action needs to be put into place to boost employee morale, in addition to, increasing production and profits. You may also be responsible for training and hiring new personnel, as well as, traveling to other locations to assist.

If education is your passion and you enjoy teaching others, a position as a university or college business professor is a great way to share your knowledge. A professor’s salary ranges greatly, as well, depending on experience and size of university. In general, salaries range between $60,000 to $121,000 annually. In this capacity, you will teach others the importance of sound business practices, such as accounting, economics, finance, human resources, marketing and how to excel in leadership responsibilities.

What could be better than being your own boss? Do you have an entrepreneurship’s drive? A desire to be self-employed is important to many. With an online Doctor of Business Administration degree, you will be prepared to successfully run your own business. If you have an idea for an interesting product or can provide a helpful service, go for it. Follow your dreams and let your education, experience and knowledge in business administration lead the way for good financial decisions. Your salary will depend on your good judgement and perseverance!

Are you detail-oriented? Overseeing the everyday operations of a business is the responsibility of the General and Operations Manager, also known as, the Chief Executive Officer. In these positions, salaries may range from between $75,000 to $234,000 annually, however, the average corporate setting salary is approximately $155,000 per year, all depending on experience, job location and size of corporation. Most managers or officers oversee sales, marketing, human resources, administrative and accounting duties.

The above careers are just a few of the many opportunities available to those with DBA degrees. As always, a graduate education, in any field, is most beneficial. We have compiled a list of the Best Online Doctoral Degrees in Business Administration programs for your convenience.