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Are you thinking about earning an online Doctor of Business Administration degree? If so, read on. Find out how you can get the promotion you deserve!

Think about this… What is the backbone of every business? Who helps to keep things afloat and running efficiently? Good management is key; however, the daily operations of a Business Administrator keep the whole entity running smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.

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Why Earn an Online Doctor of Business Administration Degree

By earning your online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree, there are numerous opportunities available for you, whether you prefer a business management position or a teaching or consulting position.

If you are already enjoying full-time employment, perhaps you would like to advance in your career. With your doctorate degree in business administration, you will have the skills and confidence needed to apply for management positions, no doubt.

online doctor of Business Administration

Online Option

Online courses are excellent options for those who have a busy home life and work schedules. As with all courses, you should verify accreditation before signing on.

Rest assured, your online program will be just as rigorous and challenging as the education you would receive at a traditional brick-and-mortar university or college.

And for those that are social butterflies, you can easily communicate with fellow students and professors through message boards, emails, and social media. In most cases, a DBA will take three to six years to complete.

DBA Coursework

online doctor of Business Administration

Coursework within the doctorate program builds on what you have previously learned; therefore, classes may be more intense and challenging.

The curriculum may include strategic planning and management skills in business, advanced accounting/finance methods, information systems applications, economic trends, business law and ethics, organizational behavior/design, human resource management, and marketing.

You will also learn valuable critical thinking skills, managing budgets, microeconomics and macroeconomics, business research techniques, and management theory and practice.

Skills You Need for Success

As a DBA degree holder, you should be highly motivated, a team player, exceptionally organized, have strong people skills, pay attention to details, be goal-oriented, and perhaps, most importantly, you must have the ability to focus when in an executive management or teaching position.

DBA Specializations

In addition, while earning your online Doctor of Business Administration degree, you may be asked to declare a specialization. For example, you may choose from topics such as marketing, international business, information systems, or business management.

Additional Accolades

online doctor of Business Administration

You may also consider earning an additional certification that focuses on your specialization. Although not required, most employers look favorably at certifications.

They emphasize your dedication to your craft, allow you to showcase the skills you have learned, and may get you that raise you’ve worked so hard for.

DBA Dissertation

To complete your online Doctor of Business Administration degree program, you most likely will be required to complete a dissertation. Don’t let the mention of a dissertation deter you from achieving your educational goals. At this point in your program, you are prepared to take this journey.

Typically, you will be asked to identify a specific problem within the field of business administration and then conduct original research to find a conclusion for the issue. Subjects to explore may include areas of taxation, international business, accounting or entrepreneurship, just to name a few.

Generally, a dissertation may include 100 – 200 pages with between 40,000 – 80,000 words of content, depending on your school’s requirements. Be prepared to defend your discoveries in front of a dissertation committee. If you are convincing enough and your research can back you up, you will earn your hard-earned degree!

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